All adventurous women do

I have just finished watching the last episode of HBO's 'Girls' and now have the long slow process of waiting for the fourth series to arrive. I thought I'd use this opportunity to talk about Girls Illustrated and my love for the tv programme itself. I haven't loved a programme this much since my early teenage obsession with Ugly Betty (except New girl & Game of Thrones - but I'm emotionally unstable because they've both finished for now too). It's hard to talk about the programme without giving away spoilers to those of you who haven't watched it, So I'm going to avoid that part.

What I like about Girls is that Lena Dunham doesn't really care about anything, and I like to think she's the same in real life as she is in the show, even if she is a bit annoying at times. I love that the show has a perfect mixture of things like soppy romance, sadness, humor and drama. Although, upon watching the first episode I didn't think I'd like the show.

On to Girls Illustrated, it is as it sounds. Girls. Illustrated. But in a really cool and unique style with felt tip pens. The artwork is created by Nina Cosford, a London-based illustrator who has got a lot of recognition on Tumblr recently. I've been wondering for days now whether the drawing above the cooker in the kitchen on Girls is a Nina Cosford illustration, it looks a similar style! I really like drawings that are childish looking, and some may laugh and say they look awful and the person can't draw, but it's nice to see different illustration styles out there.

Now I've finished Girls I need a new show to watch. Me and Josh are thinking of watching Orange Is The New Black, but this is probably because he wants to see lots of female action. If we do watch it I will make sure I get to see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in action. If you can suggest any other tv series similar to Ugly Betty or Girls drop me a comment below. I know Naomi was having the same problem with a lack of tv series' to watch. What has 21st century life become?

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my 'quirky web presence'