A new addition to my camera family

Yesterday I picked this baby up before work, and then had to do my shift knowing this was in the cupboard. It was heart breaking. But anyway, more importantly I've wanted a more affordable Polaroid style camera now for ages. In fact, I have a Polaroid camera, and a film camera, but both were bought second hand so I'm afraid to pay money for film in case they don't work.
This is the Fujifilm instax mini - I'm not too sure how long its been around, but I've only known about them for the past couple of months because it seems like the whole population of the world has one. It's really great that analogue style photography is still around and being revamped, because it's such a special and exciting way of taking photos, sometimes sad and heartbreaking though, but that's the fun of it. Working in a photo centre I see 99% of people come in with iPhone photos and 1% sending off film or buying film cameras, I often have long chats with the older customers about film photography and it makes me happy.

Anyway, I bought this camera from Tesco after shopping around, I did see one £20 cheaper on Curry's but it was only available for collection and was out of stock everywhere except Weston-super-mare (Everyone go there!). The second cheapest place was Tesco, which was originally only £2 cheaper, but then upon arrival to my basket I figured out I had two clubcard vouchers so got another £4 off. I ended up paying £71 for this with four packs of film (40 photographs) which I think is pretty damn good considering the price of the film separately which i believe ranges from £10-£15. It's unusual for a supermarket to be cheaper than Amazon, so don't be fooled by Amazon!

I really would recommend this camera, the photographs are great and there are various photography options which you wouldn't get on an old Polaroid camera, there are also lots of pretty film variations around to buy which I am going to buy asap. The best thing about this camera, as with any type of analogue printing is seeing the magic of the photo appear in front of your eyes. At first I thought I'd done something wrong, because the photo did take a while to appear, but when it did appear me and Josh were just smiling in amazement at each-other with that "SCIENCE, BITCH." look on our faces.

Thanks for reading guys, expect lots of photography posts in the future :')