Our easter trip to Bath

Wow, I'm so ridiculously late writing this blog post, and I have so many blog posts backlogged that I need to do. During my last week off uni for Easter we took a last minute (literally booked the day before) trip to Bath. We're getting good at doing really last minute holidays now. We booked into a really fancy apartment hotel thing called 'No 17', about ten minutes from the center of Bath and lived in luxury for three days. Seriously, watching Game of Thrones in a very nicely decorated room is very nice. Don't judge us for watching Game of Thrones on holiday. After forgetting my memory card we had to go on a memory card hunt, everywhere in Bath is reeaaaaally expensive and they don't even have an Asda (blasphemous). We eventually found a decent priced memory card and as a result here are some of the photos:
The famous 'Weir' where Javert from Les Mis 'killed himself' even though the bridge was different on the film!
One of Bath's 13293021932939 cathedrals
This guy was a really awesome busker and was playing 'Walking in Memphis', he had his own little gig in the square.
Josh posing by ancient roman bricks and getting a little aroused because he wrote his dissertation about Roman history.

I've only ever been into the free part of the bath spa, but it was well worth the £13 i thought was originally overpriced. It was really interesting and I was surprised how much land the Baths actually had.
I really hate this photo because my fringe is reaaaaallly gappy, but it's the only one of the two of us, taken by a guy who I thought was British, but he didn't say a word. So he wasn't.
Josh and Peter Capaldi (he thought he looked like him). He also stole his roman hat. It feels like they should be doing the Star Trek hand gesture.
We went to a really cool but pricey Pasty shop (£4.50 for a pasty!) But they had really cool branding and cheesy puns.
Pretty lights in a square with lots of restaurants that always reminds me of Spain.
We stayed in an apartment called 'The Atrium' which is funny because that's the name of my university. There's no escape! But this is the actual atrium, which i would call a really cool and snazzy conservatory.  We ate healthy breakfast out here in the sun and felt like bosses.
From the conservatory looking into our room.  The house used to be an art studio which I find awesome.
Wonky light shade, fancy fireplace and the picture that really looked like my friend Nadia and creeped me out all night in the background.
The view from the houses garden, the first day we got there they were playing croquet in the field behind it. Croquet. Says it all. We really didn't fit in haha.

Sorry there are so many photos in this blog post, it was really hard to actually pick so little out of all the ones i took. I still love Bath and have always wanted to live there, but I think i prefer Bristol because it's a little less... posh. But seriously, people who live in Bath are so lucky to have so much on their doorstep. I could happily just go out and look at all the lovely architecture.  I also have important news lovely followers, Tomorrow we are having a spikey addition to our house. After about 3 years of wanting one I am finally going to be the owner of a hedgehog! We're picking her up tomorrow and I'm super excited to finally be getting a pet because I've been deprived throughout my life (boooo). We're not sure what to call her because we kind of wanted it to be a boy so we could call it Winston and give it a top hat. Any suggestions for humanistic hedgehog names please put below.

Thanks for reading, I promise I will blog soon with our unnamed hedgehog in some kind of Mexican attire.