Meet Luna

I apologize for the lateness of this post, you don't know how difficult it is to photograph an energetic and crazily fast running hedgehog, but here she is, the new spiky addition to our house, Luna the hedgehog. She was a very spontaneous decision, but she's so adorable and lovely and I've wanted some kind of pet since I was like four years old or something. Lots of people seem to be confused when we say we have a hedgehog, so I'll put some general answers/facts to things you may wonder about below the pictures:
Actually willing to pose for the camera after waking up
Sniffing around her new cosy bedding
Her little home where she has about a million blankets to burrow into.

1. Why is she called Luna? Are you a crazy Harry Potter lover?  
I am a fan of Luna Lovegood, she has a lovely irish accent, but the real reason I named her Luna is because at present I have a ridiculous obsession with Bombay Bicycle Club's song 'Luna' and listen to it about 10x a day. As well as that, Luna means moon in Spanish, and hedgehogs are nocturnal, so she comes out at night, like the moon. Symbolism mo'fos. She was called 'Fluffy' when we bought her, which is just baffling.
2. "You're horrible human beings, you can't just steal hedgehogs from the streets." - She's not the same as a wild hedgehogs, many people don't actually realize this haha. As far as i know it's illegal to just steal hedgehogs as they're becoming extinct in the UK. She is an African pygmy hedgehog, the most common kind of pet hedgehog you can get, and much smaller than a wild one :)

3. Does she hurt? The first time I held her I was pretty shocked by how sharp her quills felt, but this was when she was scared and being introduced to us, her quills are probably needle sharp, but only when she's protecting herself, scared or being grouchy when waking up. When relaxed her quills un-sharpen and are smoothable. So smoothable that she can burrow in your clothing and it doesn't actually hurt, until she begins to huff and puff.

4. What does she eat? Luna eats cat food as main food, along with cat treats and recently this week we've started her on meal worms (which i refuse to touch, so Josh has started her on mealworms). She loves them and we can always win her over with one. She also makes the loudest eating noises in the entire world, and fills her cheeks a bit like a hamster which is super cute. We've tried her with apple and pineapple, she seems to like both. So you can pretty much feed her anything as long as it's not something that will make her poop crazily or has milk in.

- She sleeps like ridiculously long, I go to uni, go to work and I get home and she still sleeps for another 3-4 hours. We usually have to wake her up about 10pm and give her a few cuddles and bond with her.

-Her poop is the size of cat food, and it smells like cat food, and she likes to poop on me sometimes.  (It hasn't happened for a while so fingers crossed)

They're the most common questions/facts I can really think about that baffled me for a while. I hope you've enjoyed learning a bit about Luna and meeting her. I'm gonna go listen to Bombay Bicycle Club now...

Thanks for reading :)