I want to buy everything

If you haven't already, set your creative eyes upon Disaster designs *droool*

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Just a quick spontaneous shopaholic style blog post. The above title really does sum up my feelings towards Disaster designs, they are far from disastrous and ooze beauty and class and every single thing you want a thing to do. I am on the brink of buying everything they have ever created. This is not a sane way to start a blog post, it sounds like I'm crazily plugging the brand for money, but really I am just crazily plugging the brand because I'm a creative in her element.
On our visit to Chepstow the other day I was very close to buying one of these bags, I've always seen them in every cute little shop in the countryside and wanted to get one, but never have, and I still haven't. But £40 isn't really that much for a bag when it's as beautiful as this, so I don't know why I haven't. I came across the big range of their products on Lisaangel.co.uk (they also sell lots of other pretty and quite cheap stuff which I was pleased to find.)

I've struggled to find information out about disaster designs and who's behind the lovely illustration, but I WILL! I will bow down at their feet and throw rose petals at them. I'm sorry for the disjointed post that this surely is, due to my excitement. I hope you all appreciate these products as much as i do (which i'm sure you will)

p.s - I came across a sale in a shop selling these bags, most of them are about a tenner -  (HOOORAYYY) here's the link.

Thanks for reading, sorry if I've also awoken the inner shopaholic in you.