Final first year project submitted: Interactive Flash CV

I am writing this blog post as a free human being, free of creative control and big work loads and now I don't know what to do with myself. Yesterday was the last day of my first year of uni (I'm a year behind because of Art Foundation,  which means I should be going into my third year which is an even scarier thought). Yesterday was also the day we had to submit our interactive Flash CV project, which i would love to say has been a 'nightmare of a project' but to be honest with you towards the end when I started understanding the principles of Flash, i kind of enjoyed it and felt proud that I had achieved something. Anyway, the brief was to create an interactive CV using Adobe Flash, in the fictional world of briefs this would be created to be emailed out to potential employers, showcasing our graphic style and personality. Here's my final result, sadly I'm not able to share the interactive version as it's a .swf file, but maybe I can find a way to convert it for web.

Homepage featuring my beloved typewriter. I opted for a simple hover over button because I didn't want to push my boundaries too much whilst learning new and complex software.

My 'about page' - Not the most corporate of bio's, but i really don't ever want to brand myself as corporate, i want to be seen as an approachable and manly stout drinker.

My favourite page out of them all i think, my 'contact' page. I managed to make the social media links clickable (I have no idea how)

Portfolio page was a little rushed, when you click each thumbnail of my work it enlarges and comes up on another page.

This is the other page, the enlargement of work. I wanted to keep these ones fairly simple without distraction from the work. I added a clickable 'view on Behance' button so that employers would have the option to see the full project.

Now onto research... I must say I definitely lacked a good folder for this project, which I know will hold my mark back, but in first year I've mainly tried to produce a final outcome that I'm happy with. My main problem is that I get so inspired at the beginning of a project, sometimes i do 50% of the research the day we get the brief, but then it's like I have a level of inspiration in my head, and the longer the project goes on the lower the inspiration goes. Until Sunday (the day before the deadline) I had 15 pages in my folder. I managed to just about fill one by crazily annotating and printing out pages, but one folder is still nowhere near enough. Here are some of my favourite pages though from when I was actually feeling inspired and had ooodles of motivation:

I will forever be a lover of moodboards, and using Blend modes to create moodboards so everything kinda collages in. For my research I looked at a lot of messy illustration styles, and botanical drawings.
The Juno title sequence is one of my favourite pieces of animation, it's so clever and since looking at a video of how it was all made I have 100% respect for the creators.
An experimental page inspired by Juno, using different photocopying techniques to get different textured images. I would've liked to have taken this further, but time was an issue :(
Mighty Boosh research page, yes I have one.
The Mighty booooo-oooosh. Another lovely title sequence that I feel reflects my kind of graphic style. BLEND MODES <3
Another mood board featuring collage work and lots of halftone.
Sorry about the yellow-ish photos, i took them the other night as I've had very little time in the day this week to actually do anything that isn't graphic design related. I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the way I work. Now I have a lot more free time (minus work and work experience) I'll hopefully be able to spend a lot more time on my blog and whatnot, getting up to date. It's been a really hectic month and I can't wait to just chill out, but most importantly I can't wait to do things I want to do. I hope I stick to being creative over the summer and don't just waste it away working, I want to create sketchbooks and draw things and improve my online portfolio, maybe even do a new blog layout, who knows? Yay to staying creative and feeling inspired for year two of university.

p.s - I'm waiting for our new spikey arrival to be awake in the day so I can take decent photos of her, so expect a hedgehog post sooon

Thanks for reading :-)