DIY Masonry jars

    Today we took a trip to Chepstow, which was originally supposed to be a day to Devauden festival,  but after waking up late and poop public transport we ended up going on a bargain hunt/ junk-hoard. I love Chepstow, There's not too much to do there for a full day, but it's full of little quirky independent shops and junk stores full of little treasures. We managed to pick up some tea and coffee canisters which were originally bought from Dotcomgiftshop and also these masonry jars for 50p each. I decided to paint them with some leftover paint I had from my last table DIY, and keep them in with the yellow and grey colour cult we have in our livingroom/kitchen. I'm not quite sure what's going to be housed in these yet, but I'm thinking of getting some IKEA daisies to pop in them in contrasting Pantone colours ;)

P.S  - Joshua also bought a whiskey decanter full of old moldy whiskey, he only drinks whisky without an 'e' apparently, bloody copy editors and their grammatical preciseness.