The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

Hello blogging world, Today was a  really nice arty day, i've also had my faith restored in the city of Newport. Me and Josh visited an exhibition in Newport indoor market called 'Quick brown foxes & lazy dogs.'. Of course, when I saw the name of it I was drawn in, due to my love of graphic design, typography and ampersands! (Wait for the amount of beautiful ampersands you are about to see). The exhibition was of course typography based, but much to my surprise wasn't all digital work, which I thought was great. There was a fabulous array of mixed media art along with traditional graphic styles. I also saw a few of my old college teachers who were exhibiting work, and also the work of Kate Sutton, who has been one of my favourite illustrators since the good old days in college. It really is lovely to see the creative community pulling together to create a brilliant and most importantly local show. I'd love to see more creative things going on in Newport. Much to my disappointment I missed a vintage Fayre in a place called Le Pub and a lampshade making class which made me a little sad. But all in all a great day, have a look at some photos below (Excuse the poor quality of my phone, I wish I had taken my camera): 
left: 'Ampersand' by Marian Cheung     right: The upstairs of the market, a really lovely space for things to happen
Various works by Dave Wakely - my old college photography teacher!

The exhibitions and spaces are run by 'Upmarket galleries' | Possibly 'You always leave things last minute' by Sarah Featherstone | This might be 'Untitled' by Rhys Trimble | Three works called "Typography" by Rhys Webber | Three works again by Dave Wakely |
Sorry for the possible confusion with who's pieces are who's, I do have a list but I've forgotten the order in which it goes in. Also,  I'm not sure how many local people check out my blog, but if you are local then the exhibition is running for two weeks (today was the opening day). In the week they also have artists working in the studios which may be interesting to watch, I hope to one day be able to rent one out and have my own little messy art den with paint coloured floors and collaged walls. Well done to those who took part in this lovely little exhibition and a big pat on the back to Newport for pulling this off.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you're having a lovely weekend.
I also bought an Art Deco print from a charity shop today so I will probably do a post on that.
Lauren :)