well, one hundred and one now. But shhhh.
Yesterday, or maybe the day before, I noticed that I had reached 100 followers on bloglovin', And I'm so happy and grateful. I know all you super bloggers out there are probably thinking '100, ppppfffttt." But to me it's a lot, especially as i put very little effort into this blog lately. I appreciate you all sticking with me even though I post like once a month and for all your lovely comments. I've met some amazing people on the internet (without physically meeting them), and a lot of them I feel I can actually call friends. I've been up and down with whether I want to carry on running this blog, and at times i've felt like there's no point, I can't promise I'll post regularly, because I am lazy and my routine is crazily busy right now, but what's important for me is that I post when I feel I want to. I don't want blogging to become a boring, mundane task because it feels like a chore. I also don't want to pretend my life is all glossy and bloggy and perfect, so these are my two aims. I strive for imperfection! I also really want to keep in touch with bloggers via post or something, which is what me and Naomi were talking about yesterday. It would be lovely if any of you want to share arty things via post every couple of months or so.
Thank you to all of you who have followed me on this blog, commented or even viewed it.

a special thank you to Ellie, Naomi and Lauren as they are always so friendly about my blog, and to Brandon for nagging me to post things all the time.