Beachy antics

    Here are some of the photos I took when me and Josh went to Barry Island on Thursday, it was absolutely freezing, but worth it for the doughnuts and ice cream. It was fun taking my camera out again and it's something i've really missed, it doesn't happen a lot anymore but maybe over the summer I'll take it more places with me. Our day at the beach, despite how cold it was really was lovely, i love the beach, i wish we lived closer! We've booked up a last minute 'holiday' (which we did today) for Monday-Wednesday (tomorrow!) So I thought I'd blog about this before i forget and lose the chance to. We're staying in a really fancy apartment with a kitchen and conservatory and it looks really nice. I love Bath and Josh will love all the roman-ness to it. I hope you're all having a lovely Easter, mine is being spent at home on my own listening to Laura Marling, Noah and the whale and Mumford & Sons, they are truly the best love triangle musicians ever.
Happy chocolate eating!

Thanks for reading, Lauren x