Make your own luck

This is a blog post that i actually want to write, and you'll probably be able to tell this by my crazy excitement on the subject. This subject is about Kate Moross' first book, titled 'Make your own luck'.  About a week ago i decided to pre-order this after seeing photographs of the first copy posted on her Instagram. It was hard parting with £20, but it's a book I need sitting proudly on my already full bookcase. I have anxiously stared at my letterbox now for quite some time now. This morning something amazing happened, before the expected delivery date, there it sat on the floor of my hallway. I literally ran down the stairs, started doing some crazy dance and ran back up clutching the book in my hands as if it were some precious gem stone from Indiana Jones. But now here it lies, in my company, but i haven't read more than 2 pages yet because I never want to finish it. Here are some pictures of the book in all of its beauty (excuse the bad photos, I'm too excited) :
I first discovered Kate's work in my first year of college and heavily influenced my work around her during my second year with my Glastonbury t-shirt design project. What I like most about Kate Moross is that she inspires me, she started out as a normal graphic design student, in London (which makes things a bit different), but she shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it (which kind of goes with the title of the book). Lately I've been feeling really down about things, mainly because I've recently lost a bit of the passion i had for Graphic design, It has always been the one thing I've felt was for me and its always given me an escape. I don't know what has happened recently, but a mixture of pressure from university and certain projects has just made me dislike it a little bit. I'm starting to feel a bit better now, but I'm hoping this book will pick me up from my little downward graphic spiral, because there's no way i can have a career in anything else, because I'm not good at anything else! Having career like Kate's is what i really want in the future. Just to be able to have fun with my work, keep my style and break the rules. Anyway, less of my passionate Kate loving fan girling, I will update this when I've read the book.

Thanks for reading! p.s buy the book even if just for visual means.