Lomokev lecture

 I am awake on my ly-in day listening to Beans on toast because Josh made me a crumpets and hot chocolate breakfast in bed as a pancake day celebration (we love this day). I thought as I'm awake and lounging around until uni time i might as well write a little blog post on yesterday's antics when Lomokev (Kevin Meredith) came to give us a talk and class in uni. I've been a fan of Lomokev's work since about 2010/2011 during my Flickr days (when i actually went places to take photographs) and got one of his books for Christmas a few years ago, so i was really excited to attend the lecture. We firstly had a two hour talk from him giving us his background, which was actually really interesting as i didn't know very much about him. Afterwards we had a project to complete and went on a little photography outing around Cardiff, we were asked to take a portrait on an interesting background of a member of our class, and one portrait of a complete stranger (something i hate doing). I didn't really follow the brief too much as it was just enjoyable to get out again and take some photos with no boundaries, I did pluck up the courage to ask some eye catching characters for their photograph. Here are some of the photos of the day:
Pretty clouds reflecting off the Premier Inn/ Ben being very red and blending in with a brick wall 'You've got red on you.'/ Portrait of a man that was smoking on his lunch break on a pile of very colourful boxes outside Cardiff market/ A lovely friendly man in Cardiff Market who's son runs this vintage shop, anyone can go in and rent the props out/ I was caught out after creeping on a man reading a book/Portrait of ben/ My signed book - yippee :D

I really enjoyed the day and it was a great change to a long monday in uni, its really inspired me to get back into taking photos more, and not just with my phone. Maybe it'll be a way to keep me creative. I'm not too keen on lugging around my heavy camera every day though. My university course really needs more of these kind of things, I'm hoping maybe my lecturers can get Kate Moross to come in (i have her first book on pre-order and i'm anxiously waiting for it to arrive).
You can check out Lomokev's work on Flickr, his twitter can be found here

Thanks for reading and for all your comments and support lately.
lauren :)