I suck at blogging and life so here's some project work.

All of my blog posts seem to start with 'sorry'. I'm sorry I suck at blogging and lose motivation for everything in a second, but hello, I am still alive. I'm sorry for my blogging hiatus, I have no excuse, except for university. Because of my rude disappearance you may need a casual life update: I have just finished a packaging project in university, I'm doing work experience as a designer for an artist and events management company. I registered this blog as an Etsy affiliate, and have yet to post something.  In two weeks I will no longer be a Tesco employee after nearly ten months, I'll be transferring to Timpson after they bought out Tesco's photo labs. I'm also now the first week into our very last first year project and it's to make a CV on Adobe Flash, I want to cry. I thought I'd start my blogging roll off to a pleasant and happy start, with my jolly Flash ramblings (Flashhhhh, ahhh ahhhhhh! Saviour of the universe!, so here are some of my recent research pages, which aren't that exciting, but will hopefully give you some idea of what I'm looking into for this project:
Those feelings of 'not supposed to be' animators depression from foundation, back in the days when I was only 40 pages into my animation flip book, will no doubt be back. I will sob into an animation, but this time it'll be digital. I'm excited at the thought of having a new and final project to put lots into before summer, and I'm enjoying making my research pages look layered and messy as usual. I think I'll make my next post a bit contextual arty, after my recent contextual art essay on subjects like Art Deco and Art Nouveau I have found myself quite liking them and doodling away,  I'll try and put a contemporary twist on the post so it doesn't bore you to death like my lecturer does.
Thanks for reading,
Lauren xx