Appreciating art history (Say what?)

Art Nouveau insects and flowers found here
Left: This took 16 days to create in Montreal, the process can be found here it was inspired by Art Nouveau guru Alphonse Mucha's work (right)
The art Nouveau workings of Aubrey Beardsley, an English illustrator and author. I think they're really lovely, and the detail is immense.
Alphonse Mucha doodles by me,  not the best, but I enjoyed drawing this piece.

An Art Deco pattern, pretty similar to the one I always have fun doodling.
These print are by an Etsy seller called matouenpeluche, I came across her art deco paintings and prints whilst in my art deco doodling mood. You can see one of my copied drawings below. I really love these and they're pretty cheap too, so I shall be purchasing one when I have some money. You can find her shop here and links to these prints here and here 
Art Deco doodling.

I always wish I lived in a different era, minus all the suckish parts like wars and treatment of women. The 1920s/1930s is an era I would happily live in, mainly because of the glamorous clothing and eccentric styles and it being acceptable for men and women to wear top hats. A few weeks ago I had to tackle a journal on our contextual art lectures, the lectures no one turns up to because everyone's bored to death (including me). I was surprised when I finished this essay how inspired I felt and how historical art, no matter how boring some aspects (like art deco kettles) are, can be interpreted into modern day art and inspire individuals. This ended up with me doing art history doodles whilst I should've been tackling my packaging project, but hey ho. Above are some things I really like from the two different movements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco and things I feel could inspire my work and maybe yours if you're an arty individual.

So hope this post does just that and gets you exploring into some history (my boyfriend would be so proud)
Thanks for reading,
Lauren xx