A very big update - Moving out

Okay, so this is how most of my blog posts start. 'I haven't posted in so long, I'm so sorry, I promise I'll be better.' So sorry, again. The decline in my blog posts has mainly been because lots of new and exciting stuff has been underway, I have moved out! This is something which we were in the process of doing since the end of January, when we spotted this lovely fully furnished place the same day it had been put on Rightmove. After a long and tedious wait with references and agents, we're finally moved in and settled. Its been really exciting being able to decorate the house and make it a little bit Pinterest worthy. Being a designer I've noticed that I'm also really fussy with how things look when they're displayed (Me and Josh had a minor argument over how i perfect my books on the bookshelf, by height and depth order) BASELINE GRIDS GUYS. They're important, okay? Anyway, here are a few photos of our place, Some things have changed as I took these photos earlier on in the week, but i will do another post on those things later on.
In our bedroom we've gone for a summery colour scheme with bold and bright colours. The striped wallpaper was already here, so we've tried to work around that. The brocolli was a present from Josh for our 1 year anniversary, along with a lot of other Ikea gifts (including meatballs)
My bedside table, complete with lava lamp, jewellery stand (which currently has none on it), my grandad's old alarm clock, guinness in a photo frame, lava lamp and candle (I seriously love being able to light candles now, mmmm moodlighting)
More candles! This time in our bathroom. The candle holders are from Tiger (my new favourite shop of pointless things that you need to own) In the bathroom we've gone for a turquoise blue theme.
The comfiest and best sofa in the world, with our lovely new mustard and grey throw which we accidentally had from Asda for £5 instead of £15. Today we got some mustard cushions from The Range as a present from my nan.
I think this is my favourite part of the living room, i love shelves, but what i love more than shelves, is ampersands. And what do i love more than ampersands at the moment? Yellow! The wooden frame was a present from my sister from Next and my film camera has a little place too.
To the left of our sofa is our little table, where my typewriter lives. I was originally going to spray paint it, but I'm so glad i kept it its original colour now as it goes perfectly with the wallpaper. The vase is from B&M bargains, and our £1 reduced flowers can be seen. We've moved this now and I have a mustard lamp which was £5 from Asda
This is the view from our livingroom of the Transporter bridge, we have a lovely view of the sun setting and it's nice to see the view changing with the weather.
My man wench being man wenchy and making me dinner, although I have been cooking dinner all this week and hoovering every day. To tell you the truth i've become a little bit OCD with the cleaning side of things and frown at any speck of dirt that gets anywhere.
Another house warming gift from my sister, these stackable mugs, also from Next clearance. We also finally opened the bottle of cava i got for Josh when he got his new job. We used it as a multi-celebration.

So that's our house. It's really cosy and I love it. The only thing I haven't been that keen on this week is being on my own in the day (research week), but this has been spent playing on The Sims due to us not having internet at the moment :(

Thanks for reading and for your continuous views on my blog, it's nice to see people still view even when i don't post. I'm also up to 92 followers now on Bloglovin' and 50 on blogger, so thank you, it's really nice to know people bother to read my silly posts.

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