And it was all yellow.

This post not only gives me an excuse to have a Coldplay title, it also gives me an excuse to talk about yellow. Mustard and Coldplay are probably most peoples pet hates, so this probably won't be a very popular post. Okay, so for a while now I've had this mild obsession with one of the ugliest and also prettiest colours, Mustard. As time has passed I've become a yellow-loving machine. It's a well known fact that the colour yellow has psychological effects on people, making them happy, it has such an effect on me that I want everything to be mustard colour. I don't even like actual mustard. I am going to inject more yellow into my life, whether it's in my design, in my bedroom or in my clothing, much to most people's disgust no doubt.   Here are some pretty examples of mustard in different contexts.

Pretty yellow print along with packaging design by Georgina Luck / A really pretty Hemnes cabinet from Ikea, painted in a lovely shade of yellow. This looks really fancy and retro, I may have to try this and a pretty pattern by Nancy Wolff  / An awfully bright yellow scarf i bought last Saturday from a charity shop for £2.50, it's also Ann Harvey London, so not a bad buy, and it's super cosy, and bright, perfect for spring.  / These colour schemes shown on Designsponge couldn't be any more perfect, not even just the colour schemes actually, the whole thing, including the beautiful pink ampersand. God, i love ampersands, and any form of chevron pattern. And dogs. And mustard and grey, did i mention? /  A picture of a rapeseed field taken back in 2012, yellow in its most natural form. I love these fields, they're so pretty, definitely my favorite thing when you're driving through the country. The smell of manure, not so much / I had to add this guy. Oh my wheels and Wipers. 

I'm sorry this post has been so bright for your eyes, but i'd like to say a big thank you to the inventor of yellow. And coldplay. And you all because I'm now up to 83 followers on Bloglovin'  and 46 on Blogger (which is a lot for me). I hope 2014 is treating you all well.
Thanks for reading
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