2013 in photos (and a few words) a little bit late

I'd firstly like to say, this post is for Brandon. As apparently he stalks my blog almost every day to see if I've posted anything new, and I'm slacking. So hi Brandon. On that note, I'll start with a photo of me and Brandon too, so he can get a bit more fame in preparation for a fine art based 'Dork feature' in the near future when i get my blogging arse into gear.
Finished Art Foundation with a distinction - It seems like so long ago now, but what a great experience I had doing Art foundation. It really was the best decision I ever made, I would never have been ready for a degree in Graphics when I finished college. Art Foundation not only taught me to not me afraid of experimentation (after a strict two years of A-levels) It taught me how to learn from creatives around you, and most of all helped me massively with my confidence. I met some really great people, who I will hopefully be able to collaborate with in the future.

Fell very much in love, however lame that sounds -I'm going to try and keep the soppiness to a minimum on this blog, that's what my Tumblr's for haha, you lucky devils. I've always felt like relationship-wise in my life things have never gone right, I've never really had a really serious relationship that lasted more than a few months, because nothing ever worked. I can be myself around Josh 100% and he's a best friend to me, not just a boyfriend.
I GOT A MACBOOK - oh yes i did. Five years I waited to hold my own beautiful Apple device in my hands. Five years knowing that until i got some money i wouldn't be able to afford one. But then the magical year of 2013 arrived, and the magical student loan. And now I'm lying in bed (YES, NOT UNDER THE STAIRS AT A COLD, SLOW PC) typing away.
SAW A FOX - You may think this is a strange highlight, but I am genuinely still a little bit excited about this moment. I've always secretly questioned whether foxes actually exist, because I've never seen one. I was getting quite down because i like foxes. I'm on the train, gazing at the lovely view, and I see a fox. THEY EXIST! I also held a field mouse and saved it from a cat that was playing with it in the summer and tweeted the RSPCA about a lonesome looking pigeon with what looked like a broken leg, I want a 'Kind to animals' award.
Travel-wise I've been quite good this year - Benidorm with the rents, Tenby with Josh and his family and Dublin to end the year at Christmas. I loved going back to Dublin again, I'm still in love with that city. I reaaallly want to visit Amsterdam this year, after reading 'The fault in our stars'. I've always wanted to go and visit Anne Frank's house, I loved reading her diary, and it just looks like a really lovely city (minus the drugs and nudity).
Survived portfolio preparation for uni interviews and got into uni - This year will always be one I remembered, because I got into my desired university and started. Portfolio preparation was one of the most stressful things, but all my hard work and printing disasters paid off. Since I've started my degree I've learned so much and I've seriously missed uni over the Christmas period. I've improved a lot already, and I'm starting to feel more confident in my work, so it's all going great. I've also met lots of lovely people.

This is all I can really think about at the moment, or have pictures to show for. I suppose one positive thing of 2013 is that I also got a job. In May I started in Tesco picking for the online deliveries. After looking for a job for ages it was a huuuuge relief and lovely to have money. After 6 months at dot com (recently) I decided to apply for a job in the photo lab, as it was more relating to what I'm studying, less hours and later starting times (5am wake ups were horrible). Despite slaving away in Tesco for most of my Christmas, it really has been nice to have my own money. 2013 has been a great year and I hope its been kind to everyone else as well.

Thank you to all my new followers recently (which I'm sure has something to do with Ellie's kind link) And thank you to my existing followers for being loyal and actually reading and sticking with my blog. It really is nice to have comments and see views :)

Thanks for reading and Happy new year!

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