What's wrong with making lists?

Making a joke out of new years resolutions seems to have become a popular thing to hate on, but why? I love making lists, and i make lists pretty much all year around, new year is a good excuse for people to feel positive and do positive things with their life, even though all of them may not be completed. So I made a list. I've done this for the past three years now, and I look back on them in the new year and actually realize I've completed quite a lot of them, except passing my driving test and taking iron medicine. So here's what I want my 2014 to be filled with (Some of them i don't want to do, but i need to do, which sucks):

1. Pass my theory test (Again) - In a crazy state of craziness, i booked my theory test this morning, having not driven for about a year and a half. It's all booked for February and hopefully the fact that it's awaiting me will push me to get things done with driving.

2.Once I've passed my theory, re-do my practical driving test. I failed twice, and i hate tests and being watched and put under pressure from other people, and also wasting money. But I need to drive, it seems like everyone around me can and I can't. I'm also not going to move out until I've passed because i know I'll never be able to afford it again. I'm going to do my test without a care this year, and hopefully that will help.

3.Be happy with my first year of uni - I'm half way there, and the first year is almost actually over, it's going to fly by. I'll hopefully pass this year, but mainly I want to take advantage of the pass/fail first year, I don't want to worry about grades, i just want to be happy with the work I'm producing and learn things and make mistakes.

4.Get ill less - 2013 has been the shittest year for my health. Like literally. I got glandular fever in the summer, and since then its ruined my immune system and i still think its zapped all my energy. It was one of the worst illnesses I've ever had, and I'm glad it's out of the way. Since I've had it i've had cold after cold and flu all the time, I am writing this with a cold on half of my face. One of my eyes wont stop crying and my nose is a snot zone. (Too much information)

5.Do more creative stuff outside of uni - When you put all your creativity into succeeding it's easy to forget how to do it for fun. I might start a sketchbook which is just for my ideas, and my doodles. Not anything to do with uni. This probably won't happen, but even if it's just filling in pages from Keri Smith & Lee Crutchley's books, that's a start.

6.Take baths! - This doesn't mean I don't shower, because i shower daily. But I kind of miss baths. 2013 has been a year of laziness, where i can't even be bothered to run a bath. Josh messages me whilst he's in the bath being a woman and being all relaxed and it makes me have bath envy. It's time for a trip to Lush to stock up on some Snow fairy (in the sale) and to make me a relaxing bath.

7.Have another fun summer - 2013's summer was the best summer (minus glandular fever). I definitely have the best memories of it. I think it was because it reminds me of meeting Josh and going on little dates like when we went to Tredegar park and put a message in a bottle saying "I killed a man, his co-ordinates are ____" (Silly i know, but hey ho). I want to do more things like that, and lounge in bed listening to The Lumineers, and make burgers. 

8.Travel to places to scratch off my map - I got a scratch map, as you know from my last post. The only problem is 2% of is it scratched off. I reaaaally want to go to Norway or Amsterdam. Amsterdam is probably an easier choice though. To scratch most of my map off I need to go to Antarctica, but i doubt that will happen.

9.Be better at guitar and mandolin - This is always something I'm going to have in my list, I feel like I'm not progressing anymore on guitar, so what did i go do? Ask for a mandolin for Christmas. I think what I need to do is stick to songs, and finish them. I'd love to be able to play proper folk style guitar with proper finger picking like my dad can do.

10. Move out - A pretty big thing on the list. But I feel like I'm getting close to being ready. I didn't choose to move out when I went to uni, and I feel like I'm missing out on an experience. At the same time I don't want a student experience, I've stayed in halls and I really hate them. I'm not the type of person to go out every night, because I don't have the energy. I don't even know if I can afford to do this because my job is only small, I don't think any property people will actually accept me, but it's worth a try.

11.Aim for a little design job - This is something I haven't had the courage to do for a while now, but it's because i don't feel like at the moment I've learned enough of the basic things to do work. Hopefully towards the end of my first year at uni i will be more skilled, and can try and apply for a design job at a few local clubs. It may be designing shitty posters/menus, and I may not even get a job, but I just want to know I've tried.

12.Spend less money on food and junk - I have been terrible financially in 2013. And it's the year I got an overdraft. I spend 90% of my money from work and uni on food. Since I've got a job i've just been throwing money away on stupid things, I need to start saving up and being sensible.

13.Go on fun adventures with Josh - Like we did in the summer (if i had a car this would be even better)

14.See people more - I am a social recluse. I am actually terrible, and 2013 I've felt really lonely. This isn't helped by work and uni, but i need to do something about it.

15.Read books on my kindle - I only read the fault in our stars, and haven't read anymore on my Kindle. I need another gripping book to read! (Suggestions welcomed)

16.Get the bus to uni (Wake up earlier) - I used to get up at 5am for work at dot com, so surely I can wake up for half six for uni? You'd think so anyway. Another thing I've been wasting money on is traveling on the train. I paid for a bus pass, so I can get the bus to Cardiff free, but I am lazy and have lots to carry so I get the train.

17.Cry less - This is on my new years resolutions every year, maybe i just need to accept it's my personality. But I definitely need to man up. I am, however, a woman, and I am faced with pms and moodiness from my pill and what not. So pity me.

18. Stress out less - I have got so angry this year, especially in my uni group project, this is mainly caused by shitty people. I blame you shitty people. Stop being shitty. Other than that I'm a pretty chilled person.

19. Stand up to work and people that suck - What I've learned in 2013, that I should've learned ages ago, is that people walk all over me. It's because I'm nice and I let people do it. What did i do? I agreed to lots of work overtime, because i felt pressured, even though i didn't want to. I was too scared to stand up to my manager and in my group project I couldn't stand up to a horrible group member that everyone disagreed with. If I'm going to be a graphic designer I'm going to have to toughen up, i think I'm starting to take criticism of my work better, and i think my degree is helping a lot. But this is what seriously needs to change next year.

20. Properly tidy my room - I have no room for any of my Christmas presents, they are sat on my floor. A trip to IKEA is needed to buy some more chest of drawers and organization thingys. I also need to throw so much crap away, because I am a hoarder of boxes and things that give me little memories.

These are pretty much the only things I can think of. I may do a review of 2013 post, because I like seeing whats gone on myself. Thanks for reading guys. Let me know what your lists include :)

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