University update: Facing my fear of white space

I've always been a lover of the idea of one day working at a magazine, so when we were handed this brief to design a magazine spread and front cover i was thrilled, until I found out the double spread part was group based, that was a bit of a bummer. The magazine we had to design for was a creative student magazine, so aesthetically pleasing, and also quite laid-back. The group aspect was awful, I got on really well with the majority of my group, minus one person, who I won't go on about, but let's just say he was one of those people that think they're better than everybody else, and wants you to use their work all the time, when in reality, it's not that good. It was probably one of the hardest projects I've ever done, and the most stressful, but its toughened me up a bit. Above is my front cover, which was created solely by me, I went for a punk/grunge style, which is unusual for me, but I feel the messiness represents me and my personal work quite well. The cover had to have us as a featured artist.

Above is the group part of the project, where we had to come up with a company name (which took us forever, it was ridiculous), and a double page spread. I'm really happy with the look of the final spread, and happy to know that we didn't cut any corners with the design, no matter how rushed we were, everything was lined up and spaced. I still really like editorial design, but it is stressful.  Hopefully it's something I'll get better at over my three years at uni. I would've liked to include some research in this post too, but it's being marked at the moment, so that'll have to be in a separate post :) This project has taught me that every teeny weeny detail matters, because when they're all added together they create one big problem on the page. Its also taught me that people are going to be horrible to work with, but you've got to stand up to them, even if i didn't really, I will make sure I get better and stop being such a pushover.
Thanks for reading guys.
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