Sketchbook pages from my first project

So you don't get confused, this is the sketchbook development from my first project that was done back in September/October. I haven't long got my folder back from marking. I always enjoy seeing the research and development behind a project, and seeing the way people work in sketchbooks, so I always like to do blog posts with my sketchbook work too. This was a pretty hard project to start uni with, It as a live brief to design a series of books for Dylan Thomas' centenary. When I got my grade back I was a little disappointed as I want to do the best I could, but now I look back I understand my grade and why my lack of ideas lost me lots of marks. I did really have a great time experimenting with this project, and I think that's clear from my research. It's basically 90% experimentation and 10% ideas. I also learned that I can kind of draw some kinds of trees. Even if they are in a weird style. So here are some of my pages.

 Some trees/ Collecting elements from nature to research into how they're made up and any patterns that are on them/Some rough sketchy pages/Hand drawn text experiments with ink and pen/ Another possible idea of putting the countryside pattern from a birds eye view into a leaf shape/ My original drawings for Under milk wood cover which I used as a guide in Illustrator/ What I like doing the most, making a mess. Textures for my book covers/An alternative under milk wood cover, didn't look professional enough/ The final three covers
I had a great time doing this project, but looking back i definitely underestimated how much work was involved in university projects, It's good now because I can look back at this project as a learning curve for my other projects. What I'm going to focus on for this first year is experimentation and creating final pieces that I'm happy with and will be able to use in a portfolio/online. I'm going to make the most of this year being only pass/fail now!
 Thanks for reading, sorry for two posts in one day, but I might as well get them done whilst I'm lounging.

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