I present to you my presents.

Despite me not being overly keen on the commercialized side of Christmas, there are always some overly- lovely and perfect gifts that I feel the need to share with you, not only because people were nice enough to get me them, but in case anyone of you fancy buying them. I still feel bad with all the gift-receiving like I did when I was little, I was very very very thankful of my gifts this year.
I got a mandolin! And i love it so much and she's called Amanda, and she fits so nicely into my little stringed instrument family that is slowly growing. It has taken me a few days to get used to the chords that are slightly different on a mandolin, but I have got the hang of 'winter winds' and a few traditional irish songs. I am on my way to starting a Mumford band.
Another year, another Lee Crutchley book present. This time Lee has brought out an interactive? book, much like Keri Smith's, focused around making you creatively inspired. I love it and started it last night, so I will keep you posted on my journey throughout the book. I PROMISE I WILL FINISH IT.
I took this book out from uni's library, and had to keep renewing it because i didn't want to give it back. And now i am the proud owner. I seriously love this book, because it shows a different side of Graphic design. As you probably know I'm more obsessed with the hand-rendered side of graphics, so this book does it for me.
Scratch map! Possibly my favorite present, because i have wanted it for so long! Josh knows me very well. Although, my traveling skills aren't quite up to scratch, the green areas are places I've traveled to. All the smallest places. I need to improve on that and visit Russia.
I asked for this calligraphy set from my sister because it's something I've wanted to try out, although i think it'll be harder than i thought. If not I'll just try some pretty lettering out with the cartridge pens.
When Josh said he'd bought me something to control my uni and work stress and group project anger I guessed at a stress ball, but i never thought it would be as cool as this. An Adipose :D Josh went for the 'I've bought you really shit presents.' tactic, when all his presents were amazing.
Some other presents from Josh, although i missed some things. Everything is just perfect for me and what i like. How cute is the little sewing kit at the front?
Another arty thing that i asked for from my sister. Some drawing inks that I've wanted since GCSE art, because i can't afford the Windsor ones in so many pretty colours.
Teapot from Josh! This symbolizes our relationship and how he has turned me to like tea. I don't drink tea an awful lot, but when i do i am going to drink tea in true style.
Gemma correll Pickle parade notebooks from santa! They now sell Pickle parade stationary in Tesco which is totally amazing. I am going to buy everything.
A very large tin of party rings from Josh. The packaging is equally as good as the taste.
This is how many notebooks i got. As you can tell i quite like notebooks. I have so many notebooks. And now i have more!
I hope you all got what you wanted from santa, my next post will be along once I'm stuck into the art of getting started. Thanks for reading guys.
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