Dublin trip - oh,row, the rattlin' blog

So back in November me and my lovely boyfriend took a little trip to Dublin, I'm just ridiculously late saying anything about it or putting any photos up because I've been so lazy on the blogging front and uni and work have taken over my life. But Hello! I'm back, and so much has happened I don't know where to start. Here are a few photos:

 Being accidentally merry in the Guinness factory and other Guinness things/ Face raping Josh/ Pretty autumnal colours at St.Stephens green/ Being weird on the tour bus/ A pretty christmassy pub/ Guinness yayy/ A really cool design-based shop that I walked around twice. I never bought anything because it was so expensive, but i wanted to buy it all/ Nice typography on bricks in the Guinness storehouse/ Quack quack/ Pretty buildings

We had a lovely time in Dublin, and even though we were only there a few days it was great to have a break and our first holiday. I'll always love Dublin, it's such a lovely city with a great culture. We decided to buy two disposable cameras to take with us, as well as using our phones. I love the way film photographs look, with all the imperfections and making the most of each precious exposure, then having that painful wait while they get developed and then feeling the excitement when you receive them. Call me old fashioned, but digital doesn't have this excitement and special-ness. Anyway, again, sorry for not posting hardly anything, I have lots to say which I will say in other posts, there may be lots of posts in a short space of time because I feel I need to catch up.

thanks for reading :)

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