Don't blink.

We paid quite a lot of money to wear these props and stand on a green screen, but it was totally worth it to wear the famous question mark jumper and fez/The heart of the Tardis/ Being dorky/ Josh all excited before the tour/ Dat scarf/ The actual Tardis console/ Peg dolls! Creepiest things ever and the noises they make even more so/ DO NOT BLINK.EVER. I HATED THIS PART OF THE TOUR.

Sorry for the blog post spam, but something else I need to talk about. Beginning of December me and Josh also went to the Doctor who experience based in Port Teigr, Cardiff Bay. Luckily, living in Newport, which is about 10 minutes away from Cardiff, we pretty much have Doctor who and BBC on our doorsteps (And Casualty!!). For part of Josh's christmas present I booked up for us to go to the Doctor who experience which is an interactive and total nerdy little tour with lots of cool things. For the 50th anniversary, for a limited time, you could also get a tour of the Tardis set in the BBC studios, so of course, we did this as well and got to go in the actual Tardis, which in reality is just a huge circular ball of mdf (sorry to ruin it for you).

I'd reallllllyy reccommend this to anyone that's not too far away, i would even travel quite far to see this to be honest. There are a few little secret parts where we weren't allowed to take photographs, they were very interactive and lots of fun, but i won't spoil it. I thought I'd end the photos on a weeping angel just to creep you out a bit. 

This is my last post for today as I feel i've spammed you enough with our trips for now. My next post will be focusing on my past two university projects. I can finally post my first project on Dylan Thomas book designs because I have my folder back, which means I can show some of the research behind it etc etc. yayyyy.

anyway, i must go and be productive... allons-y, geronimo and what not.
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