Christmas antics

Merry Christmas guys (Even though it's a bit late). I hope you all had a very food coma-y Christmas, and like me have gone off all food, especially cold meat. In an attempt to get one Christmas post out of the way and so I can begin sorting out the complete mess that is my bedroom, I decided to do a pictures post from Christmas Eve & Day.  Once I've tidied my messy, present-filled room i may tackle the second part of Christmas, which is the present post, or at least the highlights.
'Santa' bought me Cotswolds presents in this adorable little bag (also from the cotswolds), you can tell how much my parents visit that place/This is how working at Tesco for 90% of my Christmas time off uni made me feel/Me and my brother/Whenever my mum tries to take a pajama photo of me on Christmas day I try to look as sad as possible/What's Christmas without a bit of bokeh?/My sister's lovely little Jack Russel/Chihuahua - Murphy, up to mischief/ Our usual Christmas eve post-it note game, Matthew was Rolf Harris, say no more/Me and my sister and me with the gappiest fringe in the entire world/ Me and my other sister

  I had a lovely day, and it was spent with lots of new Christmas company - my nephew - Dylan, my brother and my lovely boyfriend. For me Christmas is made by the company, and there will always be people from my life who aren't here anymore to share Christmas with me, but this year it was really nice to have a few extra faces in our tiny little family. I had some great gifts, which i will be blogging about in my next post, but most importantly i have to mention the impressive food coma.  I get a bit sad because every year seems a little less Christmassy and more commercialized. Working lots ruined Christmas, but I'm proud of myself for starting in the photo lab at the busiest time and with very little training, and somehow 'coping' on my own with lots of impatient photo-hungry customers. There were lots of tears pre-christmas, mainly because I hated having to be on my own in work when I had no idea what I was doing. But all that's over now and I very much doubt it will ever get that busy again, until next year. I hope everyone had a really lovely time, I am looking forward to a new year now because it feels like when I was in primary school and the teacher gave me a new exercise book. I'd start the exercise book writing so neatly, and towards the end of the book i would start aimlessly scribbling. That's pretty much what new year is like.

Just in case i don't blog before new year (i probably will) Happy new year!
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