Lauren & Josh take on Dublin

Yes, according to the picture I'm going to nilbud. Last minute plans are well and truly the best. Me and Josh were originally going to London, but when plans didn't really work out we decided to look to go somewhere else, and figured that even if we did go to London it would be just as expensive as anywhere else. So about a week ago, we booked to go to Dublin, extremely last minute, and on Sunday night will be flying out to drink Guinness and have a relaxing couple of days away from work and other things. This will be my second time visiting Dublin, after going September 2012, but i've never been so close to Christmas, so i think it will be even nicer.  The last time I went i really loved it, it's such a fabulous place with a lively atmosphere. So I'm super excited and felt this was a good reason to blog as i haven't for absolutely ages.We're flying with Ryan air, and I'm not the lightest traveler, so I'm thinking up ways of breaking the luggage restriction rules without actually breaking them.Also, while I'm 'here' in the blogging world, I'll give you a quick uni update, I've finished my book project and am awaiting my mark, we have now moved onto a group magazine project which i must say is a bit of a nightmare at the moment, but fingers crossed everything will turn out okay.

Thanks for reading, I'm sorry for neglecting you.
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