Dork FEATURE #1 - Ommy'noms -

So this is the beginning of the 'Dork Feature' post, where I will be featuring people who's work i believe needs to be found and talked about and work that makes me happy to see. I'm not doing these features because i expect anything back, just because I'm creative and I like creative things and creative people and enjoy sharing pretty things.

I start off this Dork feature with my good friend Timbo (aka Ommy'noms). I first met Tim on my art foundation course where he was our class rep (and a fabulous one) and since, have always felt i can look up to him for advice. Timbo is currently studying Animation at The University of South Wales and creating fabulous and adorably cute characters that i just couldn't help but share with you. When I look at Tim's work, i genuinely feel happy, I love how he can make anything into an adorable little thing, even a letter in Comic sans.

Some of Tim's characters - 'TV boy expression sheet' - 'RX-3' the friendly robot and a piece created for me 'Cat womb' (don't ask, long story)

I thought i'd ask Tim just a couple of questions so you could get an insight into his creative lifestyle and way of working, here they are:

1. What do you like the most about animation/character design?:
Animation and Character design both appeal to me for very different reasons. Animation is a way for me to create stuff in my head. I have a limited visual imagination and find it hard to picture stuff in my mind, animation, along with all forms of art, are a way for me to get them into a visual state where I can see them, it also has the added bonus that others can see them too! As for character design, that's a fun way for me to explore personalities I could never live out. Almost every character I've designed has way more depth than you'll ever see in a cartoon simply because I love to think about how these characters would react in different situations, what their morals are, what they would do when faced with life or death choices and so on.

What's your favourite drawn character to date?:
That's a hard one to answer. I wouldn't say I love all my designs equally, some are awful, and hidden away in a box somewhere is a book FULL of character designs I'd rather no one ever see. Also my favourites shift based on mood, but at the time of answering this I'd say it's between TV Boy and Soul Boy.

Who are your influences?:
This list is as long as my arm. The people who got me into animation though would be Jonti Picking, Tony Heart, and Nick Park. When it comes to writing and art style though there are more people than I could ever list

I hope you also find Tim's work as heart-warming as i do. You can check out his website here with work ranging from sketchbook work, character design and animation. Also, watch this space for a creative charity project created by Tim called 'In the pants' (I promise it's not as dirty as it sounds). If you're into creative challenges and collaboration you can soon get involved. I'll be posting more about what's 'In the pants' in the near future (not in my pants, or anyone elses pants).
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Photo of Tim taken by Freya Gill

Thanks for reading, and I hope you've enjoyed my first Dork feature.

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