Oh the times they are a-changin'

Along with wise words people have been placing floral tributes and socks on the fencing around the tunnel, socks to signify how smelly the council are.

This was a great idea, a chalk representation of the Chartist mural, using the people of Newport and their thoughts. However, when I drew around Josh i ruined the whole mural because I'm a terrible excuse for an artist.

This post is a little late, but last Saturday me and my boyfriend stood in John Frost square and listened to the wise words of Peter Rawcliffe at the Chartist mural demolition protest, held in John Frost square. I also love writing any post that I can relate to Bob Dylan lyrics. In this case "How many years can a mountain exist, before it is washed to the sea?" - The mountain being the mural, and the sea being Newport council. The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is 35 years, before a great big JCB rips it apart. (Bob Dylan metaphors ftw)

I hate to be frank... (I lie), I love to be frank, especially when it comes to the mess that Newport is in, because the truth is that all Newport council have done for the majority of my life living here, has been to kick the residents of Newport in the balls. Most of you reading this probably won't have a clue where Newport is, or exactly how bad it is, if you do it'll probably be from our recent fame on 'Bouncers'. Anyway, more to the point Newport has history, lots of it. It has some unique features, like the Chartist mural, depicting the 1839 Chartist uprising that Newport is famous for (that has now been demolished). I'm not going to ramble on like I'm some knowledgeable historian or politican, because I'm really just some art-loving human being, but the continuous so called 'improvement' of Newport is just sad.

I remember as a child I'd look forward to Saturday visits to town, maybe because I knew a Mcdonalds would be a possibility, or buying a new Furby from Argos, but nevertheless, Newport would have a great, buzzing atmosphere, and despite some parts of it looking like they were stuck in the 70s, it did the job. Then things started disappearing for 'renovation', like Kingsway shopping centre, The clock and the train, and then came the sad closure of Tj's. Some things came back looking tackier than ever bathed in yellow concrete, complete with shiny decorative balls to distract us from that terrible, sickly shade of concrete. We were promised a new shopping experience, but I will still always favour the high street over a shopping center. There will always be a vibe that can't be re-created, no matter how swanky it is.

I'm not going to pretend that I haven't disliked living in Newport or even said bad things about it, but when anyone else criticizes it, boy do i get defensive. Because it's my home, and no matter how bad it gets i will always miss it if i move away. There will always be things I like about living here and memories in the town that take me back. What I don't understand is how some people didn't seem to care. If you strip away all the unique and historical things from our city, what are you left with? Bristol is a great example of success. Because despite Bristol being an extremely successful and in some places a dingy, commerical city, it has tonnes of personality. Put it this way, you wouldn't take the Gill Sans typeface away from the London underground, and people would surely kick off if the Tube map was re-designed, so why take history away from anything else?

What Newport needs is for the people to come together and do something about it, we need our own little rebellion against the council to actually clean up the terrible mess they've made over the years. What i loved the most about last Saturday was this peaceful protest gave a brilliant example of how people can actually come together and create a brilliant atmosphere at the same time. It proved that even in a weathered city over the saddest of circumstances, you can still have fun. I really hope that Newport improves soon, and that some of the mosaic rubble is kept and put to good use, i hope we start to accept art, history, music and other aspects into our city, because that's all it needs.

if you want a better understanding of the story here's some background information and a video

And lastly, a big 'fuck you' to the person that made the decision to rip apart a piece of historical art.  (What a beautiful and accidental little rhyme to end the post on)

Thanks for reading, sorry if you disagree. Rant over.

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