A productive day

So today I overslept, ended up not going to uni, but got 80% more work done that I would've at uni. I've had quite a productive day, and if my camera hadn't run out of battery i would've taken some pictures of my development work. But here are two different ideas that I may or may not develop for the live Dylan Thomas book cover brief. I'm not a big fan of plainly digital stuff, but I thought I should probably try out the design in a more digital way. I much prefer the hand rendered version but can't help but feel it's too simple or missing something. This design does however link to another idea i have for the two other books, where the design from the middle book flows through to the others. I'm not too sure if the line things look a bit too much like the tube map and not enough like branches, and if the pink watercolour takes away from the nature theme too much. I just don't know. And that's the problem. This is our first brief and because of that I think everyone's a bit scared and unsure of what to produce. 

Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks for reading
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