9 things that went wrong today, 9 things that went right.

 You know when a day is so bad that for a moment despite your strong atheist beliefs you start to think "Holy shit, maybe there is a God and I'm being punished for all my sins, and that time I ate the chocolate bar that I knew was my dads, and maybe even for listening to Frank Turner's 'Glory hallelujah." Well today was that day.
 9 things that went wrong:

1. Rang up work to find that all of my holidays have been declined. Halloween, and my planned London trip. Apparently in Tesco's eyes, every little doesn't help.

2.Sat in my state of holiday-less sadness for a good hour, hating on the world and questioning my life and my job, Meaning uni morning preparation was running late. Meaning i looked like crap, and had a fringe malfunction.

3.Left the house in my sad state, and it was raining, rather heavily, in my approximate 10 second walk from the car to the bus stop i got soaked. This made me realize that full fringes really aren't good in the rain, because you have like a massive gap alert, this resulted in further fringe malfunctions, and lack of fringe confidence which was boosted by Lucy and her lovely "Fringe is awesome babes."tweet, which i received in my Contextual art lecture, which leads me onto my next moan.

4.Contextual art, It's a load of stuff that society says I should appreciate as a creative person. But I really don't, which makes me question my graphic-designeryness. Like just because I don't like the design of William Morris' deluxe chair, doesn't mean I'm going to fail at my career? Or at least I hope not, I hate rules in art, like seriously, a lot. Sorry Will Mo'.

5.Library shenanigans and everything was heavy. But then I took out the book 'graphic.' and my life was changed and my day improved a bit.

7. My card got declined, twice. Which has always been the most embarrassing thing to ever happen. I had to leave my food and wait until I could transfer money across.

6. We had to take a sample of typography we liked to our next Contextual art lecture, So i took the graphic sketchbook and a Stefan Sagmeister book from the library. So I took two books into the lecture, not really having any organized clue of what I was going to pick, and then I'm told to "Stop showing off." with my two books by my lecturer. Which made me sad as I've ranted before about not wanting to seem pretentious in classes. 

7. Then he ignores 80% of everything I say, which has happened in another class. 20 minutes later someone says the exact same thing I said 20 minutes ago, and he doesn't ignore them. And I'm there like "What is the point of me even being here." - Even after the class one of my classmates stopped me and said about how I seem to be ignored constantly. So no more class participation for me.

8. Playing music on my Kindle on the bus and it turns out that i didn't have the headphones in properly so everybody could hear my music. Luckily it was only Birdy and not something really lame like The backstreet boys.

9.Annoying boys in Newport bus station throwing toilet paper at buses which just made me hate the world even more and wish bad things upon them which makes me a terrible human being and just as moody as everyone that has ruined my day today. 

9 things that went right:
1.'Graphic.' book by Thames & Hudson
2.Greggs pastie 
3.Kindle reading on the bus
4. Getting a bus seat
5.My fringe drying and recovering
6.The fact that because my hair got wet in the first place it smells like shampoo
7.Sweet chilli Snack a jacks
8.Eating half a melon on my return home
9. Nice people that made my day not so shit.

Apart from today's mishap, I've had a lovely couple of days. I've now accepted that I'm never going to do the 'starting uni' blog post that I promised, so I am sorry. 

Thanks for reading, sorry for ranting.

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