10 love/hate things about being a creative student.

I thought before I declared my love for the new addition to my life, my degree. That i'd do a more negative post to balance out the soppy love. That post is on its way (I promise). I've just been lazy and sleepy and whenever I come home it always seems dark to take photographs. I love being creative, but now and again there are just some silly things that come with it.
A bit of background information which may relate to this post: I've just started studying BA Graphic communication at the university of South Wales and am situated in Cardiff. Enjoy my creative complaints. 

1. HELLvetica
Constantly being surrounded by creative things in the environment and feeling like your visual cortex is going to explode. Recognizing fonts, appreciating posters, swooning over menus. My mind is constantly active and it wears me out. Last night I watched 'Helvetica the movie' and I'm going crazy, everything I saw before but wasn't aware of is now in Helvetica. I've also had dreams about projects and subconsciously come up with great ideas that I then forget when i wake.

2. The assumption that because I'm creative I might be dyslexic or have trouble with English.
I liked English in school, it was the one classic subject that I actually enjoyed and got good grades in. And even studying it at a/s level (by accident) i still enjoyed it. To be honest, i wouldn't be too bothered if i did a test and i was dyslexic, just pretty pissed off because I've just paid £950 for a Macbook, I could've got free. But nevertheless that assumption shouldn't be there, because it makes people feel small.

3. Creative block
When you get that moment where all your creativity has been zapped, maybe because you've been working on something all day, but you're expected to just pick yourself back up and continue working, but it's hard. And it often takes 2-3 hours of browsing through Pinterest or running around your house singing, to get the motivation and creativity back at the level.

4. "Design me this for free, because you're a creative."
The lack of respect from some people regarding creative subjects is allover the media lately. For some reason people who I view as 'The corporate world' don't take us seriously, and most frustrating of all, don't understand. This is hard because clients in the future will most probably be corporate people and have no clue about design and the way it's done, they might ask us to work for free because they don't truly appreciate what work goes in. I'm sorry to stereotype 'the corporate world' but when are people going to open their eyes and accept that creativity is just as important as all those other big careers out there.

5. Finding yourself dressing like a child.
Because there are so many pretty colours and patterned items in shops that you can't pick just one, resulting in wearing a mixture of them and ending up looking like a post-nineties pop star.

6. Picking greetings cards.

6. Do you realize how hard it is to pick a greetings card? ONE CARD. Out of all those amazing designs with fabulous slogans in Paperchase or M&S. It's absolutely heartbreaking.

7. When your commute turns into a weight lifting session.
Having to carry various weird and heavy things around. Sketchbooks, bag fulls of materials, folders. Who knows what you'll need to be creative. My foundation year ranged from items like a staple gun to a bag full of 90s toys and Spice girls memorabilia. Do you know the looks you get when you get on public transport with bag(s) full of shit? Strange ones...

8. Money, money, money.
8. It's bloody expensive. Sketchbooks are expensive, pens run out, paints run out, if you're in fashion you need to buy fabric and other items, for designers and photographers: Adobe creative suite. Not to forget the Macbook, the big ass, expensive, creative 'must have'. But why do we buy them? Because they're pretty. And although it may not seem justifiable to anyone else, buying something to be pretty, to me, as a design student, is 100% justifiable.

9. "I just have a lot of feelings."
9. You will probably cry a lot. Maybe this applies to girls more than boys, but 90% of the time when i cry it's because of something arty. I've cried into Strongbow, cried in class because of a teacher, cried into my animation, and on many times, could've actually used my tears as water for my watercolours. I guess I cry so much because I'm passionate about my subject, and I want to do well and for everything to go right, but it gets really stressful when deadlines come along and you get a few strange looks when you're emotionally unstable because of artistic problems.

10. The scary corporate world.
10. Finally, maybe like the non-creative have no understanding of creative people, I have no understanding of non-creative people. I don't understand what they value, They scare me and this isn't everyone, but I also don't understand how people can just want money in life. Maybe this is the problem. If the corporate and creative world came together then the world would be a better place. So I'm sorry corporate people for being scared of you and for laughing at the seat hogging, suited up on the bus the other day that fell off his seats and almost ripped his trousers. (Sorry not sorry)

This post is me moaning, and it's not me saying that just creative subjects are hard, I respect that other subjects are just as difficult, but in other ways. If you have any other things that tend to bug you as a creative then comment below.

Thanks for reading guys, and get ready for a post on my current love life with my degree.
Image from here by Phil Tseng.
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