X factor's a life ruiner, it ruins people's lives.

Yes, you are reading this correctly, this is a blog post about X factor. I'm going to be opinionated and old-fashioned. I may have to warn you that this isn't going to be pretty, and my A Level media studies may come out a little bit. So with my disclaimers aside, let me just explain to you why i think X factor is a load of bollocks.
Above: I  hate everyone except Sharon Osbourne, because she's lovely. And I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Simon Cowell, i think it's his teeth.

Life is all about experiences, and I strongly believe that unless you have these experiences you don't learn properly. Like if you're a spoilt child and are handed everything to you with the click of your fingers, you become reliant on this. And it seems these days it's just as easy to get a recording contract as it is to be spoiled with Xboxes, laptops and god knows what by your parents at Christmas.

I hold my hands up, my young teenage years were filled with excitement (i hate to say it), waiting for X factor to air in the winter, this was before I discovered proper music and how hard musicians work for their career. Why shouldn't musicians work for their career? They deserve to work just as hard as any other normal person, in any field. I want to be a graphic designer, but if i were to be handed a graphic design job as soon as I felt passionate about the subject i'd feel like i had cheated life, like i'd skipped an important part, I wouldn't be ready. All the experience comes with trying hard to get to where you want to be, not conforming to popular culture and selling yourself to a reality tv show.

This is why I get so disappointed in artists who believe that X factor is the only way to make it in the music world. It seems like decent musicians go on the show, sometimes when they already have a large fan-base and are making it in the world of music. To me this is a disappointment, because their talent is wasted, only for them to be turned into perfect clones, with the ideal looks and musical style.

Whatever you do, never get me started on the subject of 'musicians' like JLS (JL no longer S HOORAY) or One Direction, because it truly annoys me that musicians like Frank Turner have had to work hard for years and get less publicity than bands and musicians from X factor who are put together by Simon Cowell solely to make money and create fan girls. As Frank would say "Yeah, is anybody else sick of the music that's turned out by lackluster singsters from Shoreditch? Yeah it's all sex, drugs and sins, but they're extras from skins, but it's ok 'cos they don't really mean it. I want bands who had to work for their keep, drove a thousand miles and played a show on no sleep, sleeping on the floor at a stranger's place, hungry just to do it all again the next day." PREACH IT FRANK. PREACH IT.

So even though I still sometimes watch X factor (usually because my parents have it on), i do dislike it, a lot. And it's not until my judging eyes look at the TV screen that this musical anger comes out.
I'm sorry for being cynical and a bore, but this is just my opinion, i may be a bit of a dunce and know nothing about non-creative subjects, but all of a sudden I'm back in college in my media lesson.

thanks for reading, and putting up with me.
now listen to this, and tell me it's not full of beautiful, meaningful lyrics with passion. (but only if you want to. )
And disclaimer: this totally isn't slander, because Frank Turner would back me up on this if we were friends, so please don't arrest me for stating my opinion.

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