When I'm feeling blue

So this post is about being sad and just feeling blue (I feel like I'm going to use that word an awful lot in this post so I apologize). It's also an excuse for me to mention New girl and Phil Collins in one post.  This post is aimed at someone special,  but if you've been feeling sad or just plain 'Meh' lately (because everyone gets like that now and again) please feel free to follow my occasional routine into happiness and motivation.

1.When I'm feeling blue all I have to do is take a look at you, then I'm not so blue. (I couldn't resist a Phil Collins reference with a title like this, in fact this whole post is based on Phil Collins)

2.When I'm feeling blue
I curl up in a ball with my duvet and cry until I can't cry anymore and have a black face covered in mascara and eye gunk. I then clean my face of mascara and wait until it's an acceptable shade of paleness again. The rule to life is that your bed and duvet are always there for you.

3. When I'm feeling blue I listen to my sad Spotify playlist which ranges from Ronan Keating to Evanescence. I strongly recommend Ronan Keating's 'When you say nothing at all.'

4. When I'm feeling blue and I'm done crying and being sad I make lists about what I want to do, or what I'm thankful for, or the good things in my life, because there are people without beds and duvets to comfort them and that's sad. I also plan where I'm going in life, and don't say to yourself 'There's no point, because I won't get there.' because there's a 50% chance you probably will. There's also a 50% chance that you will die and not get there, but at least you tried.

5. When I'm feeling blue I eat my feelings. Yes, I am categorized into 'Girls who eat their feelings'. Raid your fridge, go crazy. I occasionally order a Dominoes in, because there's nothing to make you feel better than a bit of Atherosclerosis (I read too many hospital leaflets when my nan was having a triple heart by-pass)

6. When I'm feeling blue I write stuff down, and get what's in my mind out onto something, whether that be a blog post, drawing, or by violently strumming my guitar. It's always good to have some sort of outlet.

7. When I'm feeling blue I go for a walk or once I went to the gym and sweat out my sadness (which actually seemed to work).

8.When I'm feeling blue I take a damn long planet-killing shower,  because I'm a selfish human being and I can and also because I'm not paying the water bills and I need this warmness in my life.

9.When I'm feeling blue I run back to the people who I may have been lazy with recently, because they know me best and know how to make me happy. Surround yourself with people that know you.

10. When I'm feeling blue I watch 500 days of summer, this is usually when I'm feeling blue about break-ups or relationships, but that isn't happening now, so I'm not blue. If you're not feeling blue about relationships, I'd recommend Titanic or Ghost for a morbid watch. The last song is also a great tear jerker, the turtles will make you happy, and if they don't then just stop reading this post now because there is no hope for you.

11. When you're done feeling blue help someone else who's feeling sad, because it's nice.

I guess this post was just my way of saying embrace sadness, but then be happy afterwards.
And after this post I bet you're all thinking this

What are your ways of getting out of a rut and becoming motivated? Comment below.
My next post in the week will be a post on my recent stationary buys.
Thanks for reading.

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