Things i liked last week

1. The lovely work of Alexandra Levasseur
2. This drool-worthy office, which is perfect in every way. Also, I'm recently discovering a love of mustard and grey together.
3. The retro style work of Scotty Reifsnyder (my name definitely isn't quirky enough to be a designer)
4. Teacups and teapots surface pattern by Wendy Burns?
I'm sorry this is another lazy post, I have so much to blog about, but I just can't find the motivation to do it ( I BLAME NETFLIX). I'm currently blogging this from my swanky new Macbook pro, which I will blog about... some time, when I've stopped bonding with it.  Plucking up the courage to hit 'publish' on this post is so difficult, because there's nothing i hate more than portrait orientation, it just bugs me so much, but when you read this that will mean that i managed to hit publish and am crying unhappy design tears.

Thanks for reading (kind of) and looking.
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