Stationary buys and preparing for university

Hello lovely world of Blogger. It feels like its been so long since I actually wrote a non-lazy post, and took actual photographs for a post (I'm using the excuse of lack of light due to winter, but you and I both know that I've been sat at home having long, romantic nights with my Macbook). Which leads me onto a very important part of my life that has finally happened. I can confirm that I'm writing this post from my shiny new Macbook, its taken five years of waiting for this moment to arrive. I'm also starting my degree next Monday, and since I last did a post I've been feeling a bit down about the whole thing, feeling both nervous and doubting myself, but now everything's finally coming together i'm starting to look forward to starting one of my many new notebooks I've accumulated over the years and just starting over in a place where not many people know me.  Anyway, here are a few photos of things I've bought recently, which have led me to being extremely broke this month.

1. I've been buying lots of my stuff for uni, and this year I've bought most of it off Amazon to save me some money. My mum and dad kindly treated me to this Cath Kidston laptop sleeve as a university present.

2. Of course I was going to document the happiest moment of my life (I think people lie about marriage being the happiest moment of your life). So I did. And the result were pictures looking like I was having a stroke.

3. And here he is, I finally have a laptop and no longer have to sit in my cold hallway under the stairs at my slow PC.

4. My new lunchbox from Doodlebug, If I can remember it cost me £4, no more squashed food, hoooray, It's also an incentive for me to take my own lunch to uni, because I'm so close to St Davids 2 and I'm going to spend lots of money on Nandos, Pizza Express and Yo! Sushi.

5. After doing a foundation and carrying numerous carrier bags full of creative shit, I've realised, it's time to get a suitcase style bag which I can actually fit all my crap in. It may look like I'm emigrating, but I love this bag. It cost me £36 from Accessorize with £4 student discount.

6. This has to be my most exciting purchase. I was troubled for so long, because Paperchase had failed me on pencil cases, I couldn't find one, and all you creatives out there may understand that purchasing a pencil case that 'gets you going' is the most important part of summer. Notonthehighstreet had some lovely pencil cases, but then I decided to have a look on Etsy and came across this Doctor who one. It may be an extremely nerdy pencil case choice, but i love that its been illustrated by hand and the style of it. £12 though, so none of my pens will be leaking in this one.

7. I've also had to buy some mundane stationary supplies just to re-stock what I already have, I used these Unipin fineliners throughout Art foundation and they're great, but the nibs are a little blunt now. I also bought some of my favourite berol fineliners, these don't have very thin nibs, they're broad, but they are great for colouring in large areas and scan in great too. All this was purchased on Amazon, and I had some great deals on them, worth checking out Amazon rather than going to expensive stationary shops. 

8.  On the clothing side of things I haven't really bought much (due to being so broke). But this dress was a total bargain from Primark for £5. I really love dresses with 3/4 length sleeves, and i liked the forest green colour of this one. I love the £5 dresses Primark have started selling. So cheap!

9. I also got  these cable knit socks from Primark for £2.50, they came in a pack of 3 - cream,burgundy and grey, and they're really cosy. I had a similar pack from Bristol Primark earlier in the year but they were cream and light pink with fluorescent flecks in them. They're great to wear with ankle boots.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to everyone for all the comments and follows. I really appreciate it.
Good luck to all you people starting uni courses and moving into accommodation!

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