Creativity calls - 14 things i like

I started the night sat in front of Photoshop, feeling no creativity, and wondering what on Earth I could do with my night that was creative-based. After a few rubbish attempts at thinking up ideas I decided to look through an old 'List notebook' i began making after Christmas. Of course, now, this list book is embarrassing and things have changed, so I decided to create my '20 things i like' page in a digital format. This soon turned into 14 things when I got half way and thought "Shit. This isn't going to fit." (Planning actually does help apparently). 
So here's the final result, and I must say I'm really pleased with it, I can't wait until I start my degree and learn Adobe Flash, and can begin turning these digital creations into animated creations.
Fonts used: Bebas Neue, Lobster & Market Deco (My favourite combinations)
Colours used: #eec2af (pink) #9adada (blue) #f1ed74 (yellow)

My creativity tonight has been aided by Birdy's new album which is available for streaming on iTunes at the moment, i really love her new single 'wings'

Thanks for reading guys!
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