Artwork full of fabulousness

This is going to be a little artist feature post, because after browsing Computer Arts' website (now Creativebloq which was a surprise to me) I stumbled across the fabulous work of 'Muxxi' and was immediately blown away. 

'Muxxi' - iNorma de Leon, is an illustrator and graphic designer from Guatemala city.
I'm not sure what it is, maybe the clashing colour schemes, which should clash but seem to go perfectly together, along with the mixture of patterns and fantasy-like characters and geometric illustrations. It's just a jumble of fabulousness (this is now a word, okay?).
Muxxi's work also reminds me of Liquorice allsorts and some of her characters shout 'no face' (from Spirited away), I can't shake it from my mind. What's great about her work is that it has an easily identifiable style. If you look at her Flickr you'll notice that she uses a lot of the same colour schemes.
I will definitely be having a little 'design stalk' on numerous platforms, if you want to do so to here are her links:

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