Uninspired and square eyed.

So this is my uninspired blog post of the week, I've had a pretty boring four days so far, relying on Pinterest to keep me motivated. The week has mainly been spent tidying my bedroom in tiny bits, picking something up, putting it away, and classing that as enough work for the day. I've also watched copious amounts of New girl, which has made me realize how mundane life is in comparison to living in a loft with Schmidt, Nick, Jess and Winston. I miss my boyfriend who happens to be a very nice human being with a voluminous quiff that I must admit, I have grown a bit attached to. In the process of him being on holiday I have decided that I am now romantically dependent and have turned into one of those people that you moan about when you're single. Sorry for a boring post and may i just emphasize my utter laziness, but express in my loneliness that there was a need for me to share these things with someone.
My parents are currently in the process of wanting to move house, they've spotted a lovely little cottage, a bit similar to this, with a lilac door, and matching lavender plants outside, it's the cutest little house ever. This house here would literally be my ideal place to live, I can just picture my studio being in the attic, that of course this house would have.
The problem is, I want to re-decorate my bedroom, and this can't happen if they move. But I've been looking for inspiration anyway, and have decided that I want to go, not back to black, but back to blue. My bedroom used to be sky blue, since moving into the bigger bedroom a few years ago, i decided I wanted one wall a darkish purple and the rest a light white with a hint of lilac in it. But now, of course, I'm bored. I've always wanted a teal colour scheme as it's my favorite colour in the entire world and it's so lovely and calming. I love this colour scheme of blues, greens and striking yellows.
I Saw these super cool mugs on Pinterest which were created with a gold Sharpie (they exist?) then baked in the oven. The next pen i buy will sure be a gold sharpie and I shall be trying this out. Of course, everything I always try to do from Pinterest ends up in a big failure.
In Josh's absence I've turned to animals, and I couldn't leave this cute little guy out of the post. This week has been all about animals in hats, this one's the exception.
I was going through my Art GCSE coursework, which I still have because I'm an extreme hoarder of crap, and came across my research on Sabrina Ward Harrison. I remember how much I hated GCSE art because it wasn't my thing, and then being introduced to art journalling and artists like her. I still love her work, some may think it looks like its been done by a child, I agree with that, but it's an eclectic, talented mess which works. The research page I did on Sabrina ward harrison is literally the only page of my art coursework that I actually still like. *sigh* oh how I miss projects and sketchbooks.

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On the subject of New Girl, I've been listening to the female Morrisey:

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