Things I bought that I probably shouldn't have bought.

 No surprise, I've been buying lots of things again when I shouldn't, Which has left me with a greedy attitude to my overdraft. Its taken me about 4 hours to get to writing this blog post as I've been too busy being distracted by wildlife programmes on TV and Mamma Mia (which can never be turned down), but here are the things I've bought since my last blog post, which seems like ages ago!

1. I can't help but start with my excitement for this wrapping paper which I'm going to use as a poster for my new 'wall of crap'. I took another trip into 'Doodlebug' - the shop i'm always going on about recently, and saw this beauty, printed with amazing illustrations of pretty much every decent record out there., For £1.50. My excitement was boosted when I came across Fleetwood Mac's rumors album, The Smiths and The Beatles' albums. It's going to look beautiful on my wall amongst my map and Moomins.

2. This Happy Jackson bag arrived from Ebay the other day after me actually winning an auction for once at about £3.50. My initial reaction was "Holy shit, this bag is huge, I can fit in this.", My second reaction was "I wonder if I can actually fit in this.", and my third, after squeezing into a bag which is meant for 'Random crap' was "Wow, I really can, this bag is huuuuuuge.". So unless in the future I plan on smuggling any dead bodies around in a bag, I have no idea what I will use this for, unless I have to carry more than expected to university. But I love it anyway.

3. Today me and my sister popped into a little craft fair in Caerleon, which i believe is on every couple of weeks. It was a pound entry which I thought was a bit unusual, and some of the stalls weren't really my taste of craft, but after wandering around for a while I came across a stall with illustrated and screen printed goods on it by Miri Studio.  I only had £4 on me at the time so decided to buy one of these super cute pocket mirrors with a grumpy cat on. Seeing her stall all set up and pretty really inspired me to get doing something like that soon, I'd love to start creating some kind of screen printed stationary, but just don't know where to start.

4. Whilst in Caerleon we also popped to the boot sale, mainly because I wanted to get a burger from the van and an ice cream (Priorities). We ended up passing a stall with lots of Star Wars, Doctor who and Star trek merchandise, so I ended up buying Josh some more figures and a first edition of  a Cult television magazine from 1989. I also bought The Beatles '1' album for 30p (Who even sells such a good album for 30p?). The burger was also delicious.

5. On a trip to Cardiff  I FINALLY picked up these Moomin pajamas. I've been scrolling through instagram, looking at hashtags of #moominpajamas, #primarkmoomins for months. And I've popped into my local Primark's pajamas section over and over again, but nothing, until last week. I believe the bottoms were £6 and the top £6, which is a bargain as I'm sure Topshop had a pretty similar set of Moomin pajamas last year for a ridiculous price.

6. This bag was £3 in Primark and is that Cath Kidston kind of material (I can't think what it's called, shinyish) But i thought it was nice :)

7. I also bought this brogue style bag in teal from Primark, It was £9 and I've had my eye on it for a while. I'll probably end up getting the purple one too.
Me and Josh also went to Bristol this week, which meant, of course, I had to visit Primark. I bought a dungaree style dress from there which I still can't decide on, it makes me feel too much like even more of a child.
So, these are the past few weeks of my shopping problem, and I must say regret is starting to sink in as it comes closer to pay day and I have less money.
But hey ho!

Thanks for reading, and for all the new follows recently :)
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