The last few days

1-3 - I've enjoyed my days off work over the past 5 or so days, my boyfriend (the biggest Whovian in the world) came home from camping after missing the Doctor Who live programme, revealing the new doctor. So of course, this called for a very nerdy night in, catching up and being surrounded by all things purely 'who'. This also gave me an excuse to wear my Tardis dress again, which I made for last year's halloween. The night also included adipose marshmallows, a really rubbishy looking Matt Smith marshmallow man, fish fingers & custard, cocktails and a decorative Tardis.

4. This is last year's photo, but this week also marked five years since the death of one of my closest friends, Louis. Me and my friends had our usual 'Remembering Louis' night, which consisted of a meal, where I ended up with a free birthday cake, free cocktail and a birthday sing song. We finished the night by going down to the sea wall with LED balloons, a '5' sparkler and a chinese lantern that we let off every year. It was really lovely, the balloons were lit up and floating on the sea, and the lantern took a dive for the sea and was about an inch away from going out and touching the water before it was lifted back up. I'm not going to pretend like these five years have been easy, because they haven't, but it's always easier to have people around you that have gone through the same thing, and that's why I always like spending August 12th with my friends. 

5. I got bored today and decided I miss creative things too much, so I decided to do this little 'in my bag' illustration/doodle, whatever you may call it. I also got my welcome pack for uni this week, and seriously cannot wait to start and get stuck into some projects, spending nights and days crying into my unfinished sketchbook pages. As today is results day I hope you're all happy with your hard work, and got into the universities you wanted to get into. If not, I wouldn't worry too much, don't be too disappointed. Lots of uni's still accept you even if you don't reach the grades they asked for.

thanks for reading, sorry this was only a little post.

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