Pay day wishlist

With my exciement for both pay day and stationary shopping for uni becoming too much to bear, i thought I'd get some of my shopaholic needs jotted own in a little blog post. Yes, it's that time of the month, finally, where all the crappy work shifts turn into pretty green numbers in your bank account, and what a long wait its been this month, with my naughty food-related spending. After being a bit careless with my money this month its taught me that I need to calm down this month and stop spending my wages on food, anyone would think I'm feeding the homeless looking at bank statements. Above are some things that have caught my eye recently, ranging from things which I will need for starting University, and things just to make me feel better.  I've absoloutely fallen in love with the vintage-look diary, despite it being a little pricy at £14, the inside of the diary is even better, it's from a Korean Ebay shop which can be found here.

I couldn't help but mention a new blog I discovered earlier on in the week called awkwardnbeautiful which is run by a fabulous and inspiring journal artist called Natalie. I noticed that she has an Etsy shop and literally fell in love with the contents of it which are really well priced for such lovely hand-crafted goods. I've got my eye on the scrap packs that she's selling, full of various cut outs and vintage papers all the way from the US. And I'm going to purchase some of her prints.

Thanks for reading!
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