What do I want? - re-visited

Last August, after feeling super cheesy & motivated watching 'The Women', I created a post called 'What Do I want?' - which was based on the scene where Meg Ryan creates a fashion pin board and starts up a business. After reading last year's post, I've decided that it would be fun to re-visit and see what's changed.  I think it's important to do exercises like this once in a while, to just take some time and actually think about what you want. Because if you don't know what you want then it's going to make it harder to achieve what you set out to do. So regrettably,  I took to my rather complicated typewriter, which made me feel as if I was in a scene of a film.

The most important part of this list for me is to have a full time job I enjoy. I'm currently working part-time in Tesco, doing what I call a 'Supermarket sweep', and as much as I enjoy it sometimes, it's not my passion, and it's not what I want to spend my weeks doing in the future. every. single. day. As tempting as it is, I refuse to become comfortable in my job just because the pay is high. The only way I'm going to achieve this is by getting a creative-based job in the future, or continue to bug Paperchase to employ me *cough* if you're reading this...

I've also recently decided that I'd like to go into the publishing side of design. Ever since I watched Ugly Betty years ago I've wanted to work at a magazine. However, I'm sure everything's less glamorous than Mode magazine in the real world, hopefully without a Wilhelmina Slater too. On the side of this I'd like to work freelance, maybe doing some little bits of work on the side under my name rather than a company. I feel  if I work solely at a company I'm not going to be able to retain a style.

On the subject of work, I think it's important that it's balanced between a social life and other things, because nobody wants to work 24/7 and have no time to themselves. Whilst working more hours than necessary may bring in the money, it's not going to make me happy as a person. Whilst, long romantic nights scrolling through Pinterest will.

Another thing I want to do is to travel, and not only see places but gain life experience from them. I want to have somebody to do this with, because traveling on my own would give a little too much life experience, and lead to me being lonesome and a lonely cat lady. I want to see places like Norway, Finland (for Moominland), Paris again, Italy, America, Australia. All the cliche travelling places (maybe not Moomin land).

Sorry for a bit of a boring post, it's more of one for me to focus myself, and have an excuse to create a list. Today I tackled my blog design because I was getting a bit bored of it and felt it was a bit plain. I added a handwritten header which, scarily, reminds me a lot of Paperchase. I also used my typewriter to create link buttons and a description.

Thanks for all the new follows over the last couple of days, and thank you for reading!
p.s hello future lauren reading this in a year's time & I am seriously obsessed with this cover below.
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