A peek into my bedroom of clutter.

I am an extreme hoarder of clutter, crap, junk, whatever you may call it, but I can't help it. I see things and I think, "Oh, that would look lovely in my small bedroom that is already full to the brim with junk.". I genuinely feel sorry for whoever I share a house with in the future, because they're going to have to put up with living in a place that resembles a scrap yard. So here's a little peak into my bedroom while it's tidy, and the little things in there that make it mine.
I recently got these posters, which aren't actually posters, but wrapping paper. I got them from Doodlebug which is a little shop near me, in a place called Cwmbran, which i have absoloutely fallen in love with. To be honest, I'm kind of a bit stalkery with them and have followed them on all social networking platforms, and even tweeted them asking them to employ me. I got each of these for only £1.50, I know that in places such as Waterstones and Clintons they're priced at around £3 per sheet. I decided to stick these up above my bed to make my walls less... wally.
To the right of my bed, in a little alcove kind of thing is this wall. It was a very boring wall, and I wanted something to look at before I went off to sleep, so i created this little 'inspiration wall', full of Moomins and pretty design things. I like how my lava lamp lights up the drool-worthy Times new roman ampersand, making it look even more beautiful and flawless. (Sorry for my extremely dorky explanation of an ampersand)
At the end of my bed is my rather inconvenient, but cosy array of pillows and soft toys which I shouldn't even have because I'm 19 years old. These always get kicked off my bed in the middle of the night by a very messy sleeper, and I wake up in a tangled mess of duvet and scattered cushions. The little carrot man is a new addition to my bed, purchased by my lovely boyfriend on one of our pointless day trips to Ikea, I've loved Ikeas vegetable soft toy collection ever since I can remember. To the right is Moomintroll, which was added to my Moomin collection at Christmas.
I am a little duvet cover hoarder, I love a good old duvet cover (saddest thing I have ever said). But they cover two of my most prized possessions... my duvet and my bed. This one is from Primark and has a Parisian theme to it, with a post card pillow case. Sadly, I've managed to get pen all over it recently, during the heat of my late night creativity moments.
My £5 bargain typewriter which I purchased for my final major project during Art Foundation. I found this on Gumtree and with a little oil my dad managed to get in back to its working condition. This is currently on my desk collecting dust, and I'm undecided whether to spray paint it a pretty colour or not. At the moment this typewriter could reach about £50 on Ebay, as it is. So I haven't yet decided if I want to go and ruin its original form with spray paint and keep it.
On top of my bookcase is some more clutter, A-Z bookends which don't hold any books, but I couldn't get rid of them even when I tried because they relate too much to graphic design. My jewelery stand with little birds on, and some filmstrip photos of me and my closest friends.
Above my desk you'll find my home-made pin board, which doesn't actually work as a pin board because it was made wrong. This means I have to balance things in it, and around the edges of the frame, which results in everything falling off now and again. On this 'pin board' I put anything which is nicely designed, colourful, or basically pinboard worthy. The drawn woman is a rough sketch from San Francisco street artist, Mark Bode. He drew this out for me when I visited the 'See no evil' festival in Bristol last year, and wrote me a little message on the back.
To the left of my bookcase, on top of my bulging open chest of drawers is another jewellery stand, my uke and a print of Passenger's song lyrics from 'Patient love' that I made a while back. There's a running theme of blue in my room which is why I want to paint it blue, nothing even goes in my room, it's just a colourful mess.
Finally ending on my favourite thing in my room, my Beatles Yellow sub poster, which i picked up last year in Weston super mare at a Beatles convention. It wasn't actually meant for sale, just promotional, but my mum convinced the man to sell it to me. On many occasions I just lie in bed looking at this and end up drawing the yellow submarine over and over again. Definitely my favourite thing.

I think bedrooms always say a lot about people and they're personality, so I guess that means I'm an un-coordinating mess. I always like reading posts where people give tours of their bedroom or studio so I thought it would be fun to do a post like this for a change.

Thanks for reading!

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