Weekly roundup

My sisters in their christening outfits (shame about the Next sale carrier bag) ~ Me and my mum before the christening ~ The little mouse I saved from two cats, I wanted to keep him as a pet ~ My mum and dad ~ Picnic catch up with the 'art fam' ~ Baby Dylan in his Hulk Hogan babygrow ~ BBQ ~ Trying to learn HTML and CSS without going insane ~ The first time I met baby Dylan ~ Doing some free design for my friend's parents ~ 

This week, as I expected, has been a really busy one, I met my half brother, little baby nephew, made friends with an adorable mouse, ate copious amounts of protein at various BBQ's and attended a christening where I refused to say 'amen' to anything. We're only halfway into the summer and I'm really beginning to miss having creative things to do and being set projects, I can't wait to start my degree in September and get stuck into some design and learn lots of new things. If you have any ideas of how I can get myself back to being creative or any projects I can do then drop me a comment below :)

Thanks for reading!