Weekly roundup.

This is just a little round up post of the past week. The weather has been gorgeous here in the UK for the past couple of weeks, unbearably hot, to the point which I moan and take about 3 showers a day, but still, nice. Here are some of the things I've done/bought this week:
I decided to create some photostrip style things which I can put on my wall, when i finally tidy my bedroom I'm going to pimp my wall with lots of things and find a home for my beloved Moomin poster.
Today me and my family went on a bit of a spontaneous picnic to Wentwood forest, it was really good fun and a typical summery day.
Bit of BBQing
The view of the reservoir from Wentwood.
This week has been a terrible week for spending money, my wages are pretty much gone and I only got paid on the 7th, so I'm a little bit screwed, my wages have mainly gone on food, but I did have a few little bargain buys from various shops.
I got these shoes in Outfit, which were in the sale from £10 to £8, not really a sale price now I come to think of it. They look a bit scruffy already because I've worn them and messed them up in just a few days, but I really liked the colours.
Despite feeling a bit like a man when I wear this shirt I like it, I picked it up today from the River Island sale, the cute little strawberry print reminds me a bit of Cath Kidston, I really love the 'Chelsea girl' section of River Island.
I had been looking to buy a salt spray for ages, so decided to buy this one from Tesco, on its own it was something like £4.10 and they had a deal on 2 for £5, so I picked up the volumizing powder as well, I can't, however, tell if the salt spray is actually any good, because my hair dries a bit messy and wavy naturally, but I think it does help.
I'm off to my baby nephew's christening next Saturday and have been looking for a dress now for the past couple of weeks, I hunted around shops yesterday and found nothing, and then popped into River Island in town today and came across this, I believe this is called a shift dress? It's a little bit short, so i'll have to be careful, but it was a bargain for £15.
My favourite purchase of the week is this little heart shaped bag, I've always wanted to own a heart shaped bag, it can now add to my childish fashion sense. I was a bit reluctant to pay £13 for such a small bag, but couldn't resist leaving it there.
  Overall, I've had a really nice week. I'm hoping to go to maybe Bristol or Bath next week, and catch up with uni friends and have a little picnic, so hopefully the sun will stay shining. I hope you've all had a lovely week.
Thanks for reading!
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