The last month

It feels like such a long time since I sat here and wrote a blog post, and I've been meaning to write one since I got back from my holidays, but I've barely even had time to play Theme Hospital which makes me a little bit sad. So the reason I haven't blogged is because I've been on holiday, firstly to Benidorm in Spain and secondly to Tenby with my boyfriend and his family, i think this is the one summer where I've actually been a busy bee and done things. I had a lovely relaxing time in Benidorm, but I did miss home this time. On the other hand the food there was great and I ate numerous slices of gigantic pizza, and we also saw lots of famous people and scenes of ITV's Benidorm being filmed which was really interesting to watch.

A lovely little pebble beach we found which I preferred to the sandy beach because I made pebble families ~
The giant pizza slices which were from a little Spanish bakery we visit when we go there each time ~ I wore my hat so much that it felt like it was on my head even when it wasn't, pretty patterns in a really cool florist, and one of my pebble family members ~ really nice traditional Spanish patterns in the old town of Benidorm.
Tenby was a bit of a last minute thing but I probably enjoyed it more than Benidorm, I've never been there and was eying up the cute little coloured houses. We went to Folly Farm as a day trip and it was literally like the funnest place ever, we managed to sneak into a huge unsupervised children's play area.
Josh being a pirate numerous times in Folly Farm ~ Chilling on our tractor ~ Me and Josh attempting the Dirty dancing lift, which didn't really go to plan ~ Tenby beach.

Anyway, now sadly all my holidays are over and I'm back pushing trolleys, but I've already had a great summer, I'm determined to tick off my list of things to do in the summer, but maybe I should add Theme Hospital to it.
Thanks for reading :)
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