Pretty things

This is just going to be a post where I ramble on about pretty patterns and how lovely watercolour tattoos are, so surprise surprise, it's an art based post again. Below is a project that I want to take on in the future, whether it be for my degree or just for fun:
Having to do my art foundation final major project brought up a lot of possible project ideas, but sadly I could only pick one. I've always thought about how fun it would be to do a project on children's textile designs, or some form of children's illustration or pattern design. I'm a bit of a big kid myself and I can't help but swoon over childish, colour-clashing patterns. The most exciting section of IKEA for me is the children's section, because I wish I had such funky patterned things when I was little, and I just really like the style of illustration. The designs on children's clothing are also so cool right now (Minus some of Primark's shocking Nicki Minaj ones). So I think soon it's about time I put some use to all my rainy day doodled patterns and accidental research and did a project on it. Basically I want to live a pattern-filled Paperchase-esque life.
1. left image by:
Mika Zoll ~ Right image by: Jane Foster ~ Bottom pattern by: Hellomarine
2.left image by: Eric Comstock ~ Right image by:
Damien Barlow
The other patterns are designed by 'Little cube', a studio for children's design based in Paris.

I went a bit mad pinning pretty tattoos yesterday, I think these watercolours are amazing, and if I wasn't such a wimp then I wouldn't hesitate in getting such beautiful artwork tattooed on my skin. I think the watercolour style makes tattoos look a little bit more feminine, and I generally just love the look of dripping watercolours. If I did ever get a tattoo I'd go for Mumford's little lion man album artwork (just maybe minus the lion) but i doubt that will ever happen, unless i seriously man up over the next few years.
While I'm in a little creative post zone I've forgotten to mention in my last couple of posts that a few weeks ago I decided to start up a Tumblr for my work both past and present, I was using a Facebook page, but got a bit fed up with the layout and design of Facebook.
Some of the stuff on there is what I've posted on this blog, but quite a lot of it is older stuff. I still haven't quite finished uploading older stuff, as I can't find most of it on my computer (that's fabulous organization skills for you). If any of you have art-based websites or blogs then I'd love to follow them, so comment below with your urls.
Thanks for reading, I hope you've all had a great week.

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