Five of my favourite: Brand identities

Today I decided I wanted to do something creative-based, I've been meaning to do a blog post similar to this for a while now, after walking through airports and seeing lots of beautiful advertisement campaigns in the shops, which made the entirety of my design loving brain tingle a little bit. Branding is a really important aspect of design, it's what makes or breaks a company, gives a story and makes companies stand out. It's also something I really enjoyed the most in my year of Foundation, where I decided to give Wimpy a new identity. Since working in Tesco I've been noticing more and more branding than I ever have before, I'm picking up 500+ items per day, and all I can think about is examining the packaging (my dork features at their best). It was hard for me to pick five brands, but at the moment these are definitely my favourite and five brands I feel are really creative and eye catching.
 Desigual, is a clothing brand based in Barcelona. It's a very pattern-based, eclectic and colourful brand which is probably why I like it so much, I think the logo portrays the fun and free feel of the brand really well. The two patterns were designed by Katilin O'connor for Desigual.
Everyone in the world must know of Nike, in the last ten years their identity has changed dramatically, I don't even own any Nike clothing, except for a pair of trainers which I use for occasional trips to the gym (using 'occasional' very loosely), but they keep producing great advertisement campaigns which are really up to date and on trend. I really love the typographic adverts.
A really simple design for Topshop's make-up range, but one I really like. It's crazy how a simple black and white pattern can still retain some sense of girly feel. Sometimes simple works really well, and I've always loved the hand rendered feel to the packaging. The packaging was designed by Sarah Thorne, and the image to the right is a window design that Kate Moross created for Topshop a while back.
I was at Gourmet burger kitchen the other day and really liked their menu design using scrabble letters, the image to the left is the closest i could find. I think GBK's brand is great, it's organic looking, and really emphasizes the 'healthy burger', despite probably still clogging up arteries. I always think textures work really well on logos to give a more natural feel, they also do yummy burgers which is a plus.
Despite Innocent smoothies being not so innocent, and probably filling your body with more sugars than a Coke, they have really lovely designs which give me the impression that they're healthy, organic and a brand that you can trust. I was in work earlier admiring the design on one of the smoothie bottles, I just really like the carefree way they sell their products, with personal touches like the 'I'm new' on the noodle boxes, so it's like the noodles are talking to you. I wish I actually liked Innocent smoothies to drink.
I'm glad that I've let out my design excitement for the week, and actually had time to do another blog post and keep on track of things, thanks for reading!

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