All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey

It's that time of year that my love/hate relationship with the seasons begins, where I am doing the complete opposite to 'California dreamin' and instead long for cosy winter nights. As you will all know, it's July, but unlike most people out enjoying the sunny weather, I am here, sat at my computer, wishing I could go out wearing a coat and bobble hat. It seems like a yearly event on my blog now to have a little moan mid-summer about how much I miss all the things that autumn and winter bring. You'll get the same seasonal moan mid-winter, when i've spent adequate time standing at bus stops waiting for buses which never seems to turn up on time. But for now I'm going to hibernate a bit, with many pj days, listening to acoustic winter tunes on Spotify whilst I wish for a sudden change in weather.
I miss the pretty winter sunsets, picturesque winter landscapes, snow, wearing a cosy green parka, jumpers, bobble hats, mittens, wearing boots, finally getting home and out of the cold, coming home from uni when it's dark, the luxury of going into a coffee shop to warm up, crunchy leaves, warm cuddles with my sister's dog Murphy, Primark being a bit less tacky because tacky never works in the winter, twinings hot chocolate and going to places like Bath and Bristol which look great in the winter.
Alternatively i don't miss - getting out of the shower/bath and feeling the horrible chilling sensation that is cold weather, standing at bus stops, having to wake up for work in the dark if they keep me on (I will have to start work at 4am for Christmas which means waking up at 3am), wearing lots of layers and having to walk which always makes me feel like I'm about to catch fire.
Last winter was okay, but there were a few crap times, mainly where I drowned my sorrows a lot in the SU bar and my uni friends witnessed me crying into a chicken and mushroom pot noodle. Everything was just a bit mediochre, but all that's behind me now and there will be no more crying into Pot noodles, nobody wants an extra salty Pot Noodle after all. I can't wait to go back to Winter Wonderland and ice skate and hopefully be able to afford Christmas shopping for once, and treat people with nice gifts.  I'm excited that this winter I'll be able to share it with someone special and do lots more fun things, so here's to a cosy winter (In a few months).

Thanks for reading and for your recent comments and putting up with my seasonal moaning.
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