A sudden surge of creativity.

Just a little arty post here, Recently I've been feeling a little uninspired, It's always the same in the summer when I have no projects to do, I get into a little bit of a creative rut. But yesterday night and today I was feeling arty, And the results - lots of patterny things.
Last night I was lying in bed with my watercolours, pretty much in the dark because there would be too many bugs, making some new buttons, things for this blog, and a new signature which you'll see at the bottom of this post. Today I started my day by looking through my very first Art foundation sketchbook. I had a real love/hate relationship with the first initial weeks of 'Classical architecture', but now I look back and realize that it was my most creative and experimental time on the course, so today i decided to re-visit it. The only reason i enjoy it is because I like making pretty patterns out of the building decoration. I also had a little egyptian doodle whilst I was in my historical mood, I'm going to research more into the Egyptian era because it was the funkiest, patterny era going. I'll keep this little journal style book going now until I start uni, and take it with me wherever I  go in case I have a sudden pattern-fever. The last two images are the sketchbook pages which inspired me to re-dedicate my day to ionic pillars.

Thanks for reading!
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