Saying goodbye to art foundation

As you may know from my previous post I moaned about my deadline and how it was days away, After a really stressful week everything is now complete, And the exhibition on day three. I have no work to do, zilch. And I feel a bit lost. This is the start of my work-less summer of moaning. I feel a bit sad that the course is over as I've had such a fantastic year, despite it becoming a bit tedious towards the end. Its been a great end to a really good year where I've learnt a lot not only about art but about myself.  As well as loving the course I've met such an amazing group of people who I feel I can be myself around and relate to, they've helped me in situations where I've felt a bit down, watched me cry into a pot noodle and been my back up many times, I'll definitely be staying in touch as they're a great group of friends.
Despite my laziness towards the end of the week I managed to pull of most of my wishes for my exhibition space, the hand prints went up and I feel happy that I stuck by my ideas, I don't care if my mark is effected because I did what i wanted, all that matters now is that I'm happy and my space did what it was intended to do, which was make people smile. The most rewarding part of this has been watching people view the space with a nostalgic smile, pointing at the items and remembering back to their childhood, which was my intention. My job here is done! 
'Being little' was the title of my project. 
I'm not sure how many people took business cards, but if any of you are reading my blog after seeing the link on the card then HELLO! 
Me and Brandon a.k.a (Twin, Phil) - He's probably reading this, so thank you Brandon for backing me up and being your bitchy self to the tutors. I'm gonna miss Brandon so much when he goes away to uni, but its been great being able to spend time with him in education again since school.
My best bud Chloe was also there :3
   Here's some of my classmate's work, such a great variety of stuff, and I'm really proud of all the hard work everyone put in. From left to right work by: (Brandon Mansueto (fine art), Ben Horder (design), Nadia Harrison (photography), Hannah Rogers (fine art), Tim Johnson (animation).
  And of course, there were celebratory drinks, and I did go a little bit overboard, but I felt so happy and proud of everyone and just pure relief because it was all over. I didn't like work at 5am in the morning though.

Now I've finished my project hopefully I'll be able to blog more often, with some proper subjects not just about my boring life. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get stuck into some personal work and do a bit of design just for the fun of it before I start my degree. Thank you all for your continuous support and for taking the time to comment with such lovely things. And lastly, big up The University of Wales, Newport for providing such a great and intriguing Art Foundation course. I'd strongly recommend it. 

My song of the week:

This song kind of relates to everything, talks about dreams and feeling like you can't do it, and taking things for granted when you're doing them, and then missing them afterwards. So it's perfect for portraying how I've felt lately, but great song!

Thanks for reading!

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